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Apple Store was Down!

This morning, the online Apple Store has been taken down temporarily stating “We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly.” This action usually indicates a new product being released or updated.

Is Apple updating the Mac Pro lineup? Could the white iPhone be released for sale today? Perhaps the iMac lineup will be refreshed with speed increases? From the popularity of the iPad, could the iMac become a touchscreen device? Maybe even the fabled trackpad input device will be released?

We’ll have the details for you here on the OWC Blog as soon as we know.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The iMacs have been updated to now feature Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors across the entire line. No more Core 2 Duo processors. In addition the Magic Trackpad has been released as the first multi-touch trackpad for Mac desktop computers.

Doesn’t look at first glance that the Mac Pro got an update per se, but we do get a tease that 12 cores of processing power is coming in August! As well as a new 27″ LED Cinema display coming soon.

Sound off if you’ve found more that we might have missed, for now, we’re getting busy updating our site!

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  • An Apple made Magic Trackpad is great. I’ve hated dealing with 3rd party trackpads and lack of drivers.

    I’ve been using a USB Cirque EasyCat.

    Before that I had ADB Alps trackpads.