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OWC Now Accepting Orders To Add eSATA to 2010 iMacs

As promised in our post last Friday and in our official news release, owners of the new Mid 2010 27″ iMac can begin “hot rodding” their machine with performance upgrades like the first eSATA port ever to be offered on an iMac.

We already have our first orders arriving for our certified technicians to turnaround in less than 48 weekday business hours.

Here’s a suggestion if you’re contemplating ordering this service…don’t just limit yourself to the eSATA port upgrade. Have us replace the factory hard drive with one of our award-winning SSDs, and then “retask” that existing drive by having us install it into our highly acclaimed Mercury Elite-AL Pro “Quad Interface” enclosure.

You get an internal drive that offers the fastest boot and app load times not to mention the highest degree of consistent speed and reliability…and can experience the difference other Mac model owners are enjoying. Then, to handle all your big data storage/transfer needs, just offload them to your new eSATA equippped external solution!

Of course, having us add more lifetime guaranteed OWC brand memory is a must as well.

So internally and externally, we can help you obtain the highest performance setup available for an iMac.

But as you’ve likely heard me say before in other posts, high performance doesn’t mean a thing unless it’s backed by service and warranty programs that deliver the highest level of confidence and convenience. That’s why we’re taking the responsible path and covering the labor, upgrade program components, AND even factory components for up to one year.

If that wasn’t enough, for just $169, we’ll extend that coverage for up to three years.

While a warranty program like that allows us to arguably claim we offer the best warranty coverages in the industry, we create these kinds of comprehensive programs with one goal: to ensure you continue to have the utmost trust and peace of mind you’ve come to expect from OWC for the past 22 years.

To order your upgrade or for additional program details, including warranty information, just check out our easy explanation page.

Then, get ready to act like a kid with the fastest (insert favorite memory here) around and enjoy all your bragging rights!

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  • Hi,

    How much will this service be total and is this available for early-2009 24″ 2.6GHz iMac?

    Thank you,
    Adam B.

    • Hi, Adam. For an exact quote, please contact our customer service team via phone at 800-275-4576 or Live Chat. Thanks!

  • Any possibility of also offering the service of adding eSATA to those who own an older iMac [like a iMac 3.06GHz “Core 2 Duo” Intel 24-Inch (Early 2008)]? I would be thrilled to hear it were so.

    • Unfortunately, no. The 24″ 2011 iMac was the first that used the current board design which provids the specific port internally that allowed us to offer the eSATA solution.

  • Hello…I’ve seen in several areas of the blogsphere that you offer a solution to swap out the optical drive connectivity for an eSATA port on Late-2009 iMacs…is this true? How can I sign up for this?

    • No…sorry…we only offer the eSATA port addition on 2010 iMacs as that has three SATA connectors on the motherboard…that’s part of our Turnkey Service Program. However, we can perform custom work…and if you want to give up the optical drive function, just have one internal drive, and then have an eSATA port, give our tech support department a call at 800-275-4576 to discuss costs, timeframe, etc.

  • Any thought of selling a kit to make available to those of us outside of the US? Thanks!

    • I think this was answered best by OWC Larry in the blog post: OWC Offers First Ever eSATA Interface for Mac:

      Why no ‘DIY’ Kit? this is not a simple upgrade. Even without needing to modify the iMac case (that’s the easy part, really) – this is a process that really should be done by a technician who regularly works on/takes apart Macs. We have an exceptional team of Apple Certified technicians who have the familiarity for us to do this process right.

      OWC has and continues to produce quite a library of do it yourself installation videos:

      Some of these installations can be relatively tricky, especially the laptop hard drive and optical bay upgrades. That said – they are still relatively straight forward and these videos make it easy enough for most to feel comfortable doing these upgrades in, well, the comfort of their own home. We do plan to produce a video which shows the iMac eSATA port upgrade – and this video will make it pretty clear to most that this is one of those best left to the pros. That said, never say never and if we do provide a ‘Do it yourself’ kit – will be with major disclaimers in terms of the professional installation recommended.

  • Since it’s wired to a motherboard sata terminal, does an eSata drive with this mod show up as an internal or external drive? I would like this to work with Dropbox which only works with internal drives.

    • As the port simply re-routes the internal SATA connector to an eSATA connection, any drive attached would show as an internal drive. So Dropbox should work just fine.

  • So if I have an iMac shipped directly to you from Apple to get the eSATA work done, and then afterwards you ship it to me and I find there’s a problem with yellow tint, dead pixels, loud whine, etc., does that mean I can send the iMac back to you for repair/replacement under your warranty?

  • Guys, I know this has been mentioned before but it would totally rule if you sold the brackets/cables required to install a second internal drive ourselves. Your international customers would love it!