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Great New Prices on NewerTech NuRAM.

Here at OWC, one of our mantras is “More Memory = A Faster Mac.” We believe it, too; our extensive benchmarking series shows how much increasing the amount of RAM in your Mac can speed things up.

NewerTech NuRAM allows you to upgrade your computer’s Memory at the best prices. That doesn’t mean corners are cut, though; all NewerTech NuRAM modules are Fully Tested and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. In addition, all 8GB and larger kits qualify for FREE Delivery!

Take a look at these great new prices!

Now, for select iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, and MacBook Pro Models, NewerTech NuRAM 8GB Kits are under $200! If you’re replacing an existing 4GB (2GB x 2) factory memory set, you can take advantage of our $50 trade-in rebate currently offered for that memory, making cost under $150!

2010 iMac owners have some great upgrade options, too.You can add the 8GB to the factory stock 4GB for 12GB total… Or upgrade to 16GB and trade in the 4GB factory set for $50 back! There is also a 4GB Upgrade kit available that, with the factory 4GB, will give you 8GB total.

Not including any trade in cash back, these prices are now up to 60% lower than options to upgrade at the factory when configuring a new Mac and over 66% lower than the same upgrade purchased later from the factory.  If you’ve got 4GB to trade in, the savings can go to 70% lower than upgrading through the factory!

Memory for the new 2010 Mac Pros is in stock and with options of up to double the factory – up to 64GB! Not only that, kit pricing is up to 63% less than the same memory from the factory. You can even take your 8 or 12 Core Mac Pro to the 64GB maximum we support for 21% LESS than the factory charges for their maximum 32GB offering! Those are huge savings on the very best OWC Memory for your Mac Pro.

Easy to use guide for upgrading all Macs—including the latest 2010 Mac Pros—can be found on our Web Site.

Don’t Forget!

The 40GB OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD $99.99 Intro Special ends on August 31st. The demand has been intense… And why not? These SSDs have been top rated for performance and reliability by numerous expert reviewers and to have one for under $100…

It’s amazing value for something that can literally make even a 4 year old Mac feel like a new one from today. This is a great opportunity for those that want a great price on an SSD without any compromises in quality.

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  • Interesting timing as Fry’s Electronics has an advertised weekend only special price on Corsair 4GB DDR3 8500 modules for $99.99 from their every day price of $124.99.

    OWC beats their sale price again with a lower every day price. :-)