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NewerTech Announces Seven Port USB 2.0 Compact Powered Hub For Connecting And Powering Up To Seven USB Devices With Plug And Play Ease

Newer Technology, Inc.  announced today its new $27.95 MSRP NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub for connecting and powering up to seven USB devices simultaneously to a Mac® or PC with Plug and Play ease. As a complete connectivity solution with a UL listed 3.5 Amp power supply, the NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub delivers the required 500mA of power to each of the seven industry standard USB ports to eliminate device disconnection commonly experienced by typical underpowered hubs. Ideal for powering multiple desktop accessories like external drives, scanners, printers, optical drives, and digital cameras, the NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub also offers quick access convenience of temporary devices like thumb drives, media readers, and even USB chargeable devices like iPods and iPhones.

The NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub is available immediately for $27.95 MSRP from NewerTech’s exclusive distributor, Other World Computing (OWC®), as well as through the retail channel. For more details on this adapter, as well as reseller inquiries, visit: For more information on NewerTech’s complete line of accessories and upgrades for Macs, PCs, and iDevices, visit:

Eliminates Annoying, Potentially Damaging Disconnections

By offering a full 500mA of power per port as required by USB interface power specification, the NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub can have up to seven different digital devices connected simultaneously. With this assurance of adequate power, users no longer have to accept annoying and potentially device and/or data damaging disconnections that plague underpowered hubs.

Space-Saving Design Cleans Up Desktop Clutter

With a user friendly, space-saving 3.1″ x 1.8″ x 0.8″ design, the NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub frees up desktop clutter and the need for multiple AC power adapter cords while providing seamless connection and data transfer rates up to 60MB/s with all USB 2.0/1.1 devices. Users can add additional hubs to support connecting up to 127 USB devices.

Rugged For Mobile Use And Easy To Use

Built for rugged mobile use with a durable aluminum enclosure and 11.3 ounce weight with all accessories, the NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub features a Plug and Play design with no drivers to install. It supports “hot swapping” of USB devices and offers intelligent self-monitoring with over-current detection and protection.
“Whatever a Mac or PC user’s connectivity needs are, the NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub handles them all with convenience and power to spare,” said Grant Dahlke, Brand Manager, NewerTech. “While many so called ‘powered’ hubs exist, few offer the true capability to fully power and keep multiple devices connected. With its unique and complete feature set, the NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub is the best value available today for connecting, organizing, and powering digital devices.”

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  • Does this USB hub have a Cypress controller that has multiple transaction translators for maximum throughput?

    • The controller used by the 7 port USB hub adopts a Multiple Transaction Translator (MTT) architecture to explore the maximum possible throughput. Six, instead of two, non-periodic transaction buffers are used to minimize potential traffic jamming.

  • I bought this 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub( )recently. It is also a self-powered one, it has worked well for my mouse, keyboard, and printer so far. what’s your guys problem? Does your mice or keyboards have no respond when plug into the hub? Usually most of the usb hubs can works well with these low-powered equipments, but if you need to use high-powered equipments(such as hard drives), i think the best way is to plug the equipments into the computer usb ports directly.

    • Hi Leddy and thanks for stopping by to chat about these hubs. Yes, we’ve seen keyboards become non responsive when plugged into other powered hubs along with power hungry devices. Your set up of mouse, keyboard, and printer isn’t that demanding…what would be interesting is if you had an external hard drive connected as well and while writing files to it you tried printing as well. Unless that hub is spec’d out to deliver the full 500mA per port, something is going to stop working. Guess what I’m trying to say is unless sure of what you have…and the # of devices you are going to use simultaneously, our hub is low cost “insurance” you won’t experience any negative effects…

      And sure, plugging into the computer USB ports is a great idea…provided you have enough ports for the devices you wish to use on a regular basis.

  • I have a belkin hub that constantly disconnects my hard drives if I connect more than one WD Passport Hard drive to it. I’m really looking for a hub which can support multiple hard drive connections, would this hub solve my wors

    • Hi Mohamed! That’s why this product is noteworthy…it delivers the full 500mA PER port to properly power each connected device. Unless your hub offers this true powered function, you’ll keep getting those annoying…and possibly data losing….disconnects. I’d say for $27.95, better to have piece of mind than piece of hardware that is unreliable.

  • Is this of your own making? It looks identical to a cheap hub I’ve purchased before that I didn’t like. The little plastic foot that’s supposed to make it stand up doesn’t sport any way to adhere to a surface, especially when there are a bunch of USB cables pulling it away from center. It also doesn’t have enough power in any port to support an iPad. Unless there’s something special about it, I don’t think it’s worth more than $20.

    • Well Ben…all appropriately worded comments and opinions are welcome here so glad you posted. There isn’t any “little plastic foot” on our hub. And unlike most other powered hubs, it does put out 500mA of power to EACH port per USB 2 specs. We haven’t mentioned it being compatible with or appropriate for use with the iPad which does require significantly more power and really isn’t a “desktop” accessory or USB chargeable device. So…for $27.95 for both a hub and power adapter that prevents devices…like a external drive…from disconnecting, I’d have to argue that’s a pretty good value.

  • It would also be nice if NewerTech would come out with a Mac mini footprint hub with USB 3.0 and Firewire 800 ports. :-)

    I don’t get the impression that Belkin is going to update their USB 2.0 w/ firewire 400 Mac mini hub any time soon.

    Very happy that the miniStack has fw800 support, but that solution doesn’t fit all users no matter how much I try. :-)