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A Year With NewerTech Guardian Maximus and RAID

Product reviews are often useful, but lacking are reviews over time. It’s nice to see that Eric Brodeur wrote a blog, Guardian Maximus 13-month redux, about his year-plus experience with a NewerTech Guardian Maximus (G-Max). While this accolade winning data protection solution received much press when it came out, it’s nice to see how well it actually works in the field. Eric’s Webspace even details for us how the G-Max handles rebuiding your data after a failure.

RAID technology can be confusing to home users and techies alike, but OWC simplifies this useful backup strategy right on their Guardian MAXimus page. A handy popup link on the page shows you exactly how the Guardian MAXimus works. In addition, further down on the page you can click an animated graphic to see how a RAID 1 solution works. An OWC FAQ also addresses what is the difference between RAID 0 and RAID 1.

A new Guardian MAXimus eMAX also offers green technology with integrated low power features, so you can be sure you never lose your data and work environmentally friendly at the same time! This 1.0TB x 1.0TB solution delivers maximum data protection, backup, and energy efficient performance while using three drive platters instead of five.

The RAID 1 Guardian MAXimus hardware solutions ship with well-known software installed, including ProSoft Engineering® Data Backup 3, NovaStor NovaBACKUP, and Intech SpeedTools Utilities. Everything you need in one box.

Spring is here, so while you clean up your household or office, it’s time to safeguard your data also. After all, backing up your important files is just another kind of spring cleaning.

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