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Interview with Harry McCracken from the Technologizer – OWC Radio #11

Harry McCracken from the Technologizer joins host Tim Robertson for an interview, including the popular This or That segment. Topics include the iPad, computing in the last three decades, Star Wars, and Macworld Expo.

How can you get into podcasting? Tim gives some basics on the feedback section.

This is the last OWC Radio until the start of Macworld Expo next week! We would love to hear from you if you want to email, or follow us on Twitter @owcradio

Come see us at booth #1354 during the Macworld Expo!

Links from the show:
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  • Nice interview.
    I actually didn’t think the iPhone 3G made the iPhone the powerhouse it is today. I still use my original iPhone and for me it was the OS update that came out at the same time as the 3G that propelled the iPhone forward. The 3G hardware offered faster speed and GPS, but other than that it was the software that changed everything.

    For the iPad I don’t think it’s hardware updates, but rather software and the ingenuity of developers making really rich interfaces with that larger screen that’ll launch the portable iPad. Multi-touch is crazy awesome… especially on a large display. That’s what’ll make the iPad in my opinion.

    As technophiles we tend to focus too much on little things a camera or multi-tasking which can be nice features, but we should be honest with how much we would actually use them. Video-Chat cool, taking a picture with an iPad… awkward. Multi-tasking… the only relevant one I’ve heard is listening to pandora while doing something else.

    Does anyone know of other multi-tasking needs that would really benefit and be worth a little less batt life?

    Feel free to chime in and let us know!