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Apple Community Stunned as OWC Larry Goes PC

After nearly four decades as an Apple fanatic, OWC Founder and CEO Larry O’Connor has decided to “go PC.” On April 31st, the company will make an extraordinary move when they shut down macsales.com and launch pcsales.com. The new website will be devoted to OWC’s all-new product line, focusing exclusively on enhancing, upgrading, and expanding all things PC.

This, presumedly, is because PCs can still be enhanced, upgraded, and expanded.

“It was a business decision, and I felt it was time for a change,” said Mr. O’Connor. “OWC has been in the Apple DIY space for 32 years, and people have been telling me for years that I need to be a little more PC. I know it comes as a surprise to many, but switching teams well into one’s career isn’t unheard of.”

And that’s true. Remember Justin “I’m a Mac” Long from the iconic Mac vs. PC ads of the early 2000s? He’s flipped and is now a spokesperson for Intel. Or how about Verizon’s “can you hear me now” guy? Sprint. Yep – it happens all the time.

Making the Move

Windows Logo

When asked about making a move to PC, Mr. O’Connor said, “It was an easier transition than I imagined since all my Thunderbolt gear, keyboards, and mice plug and play with today’s PCs. And OWC’s SoftRAID for Windows made it easy to connect my Mac-formatted OWC RAID drives seamlessly to the Windows 10 PC for immediate access to my data. I never thought I’d go from playing with Windows to making it my primary.”

Larry started out tinkering at a very early age. Pulling apart computers, upgrading what he could, putting them back together, breaking them down again, tweaking and tuning as his heart desired. And he misses it. A lot.

“Sure, no one supports our Thunderbolt solutions better than Apple & Mac,” says Larry, “but I think making PCs work better is the challenge I need. Macs just don’t have the excitement of having enough things to fix. And while Macs aren’t 100% perfect either, it’s Windows that I know will never leave me time to spare.”

"While Macs aren’t 100% perfect, it’s Windows that I know will never leave me time to spare." – OWC Larry Click To Tweet

Well said.

“While OWC has long served a substantial PC/Windows and Linux customer base, the tables will be turned, and they will no longer need to go to a site with ‘Mac’ in the name for their technology needs. So now we want to make Mac users go to a site with PC in the name.”

Always the consummate businessman, OWC Larry reminds us that “great upgrades, memory, docks, external storage, SSDs, GPUs, Mac computers—and more—can be found while they last at MacSales.com!”

Note: In a related story, OWC Larry also bought an Android Phone.

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  • If you really wanted people to fall for this, you should have camouflaged the post date of “Apr 01, 2021”!

  • Good April Fool’s joke. When I read the headline, I was shocked. I’ve been buying from MacSales since the late ’80s.

  • Very funny. I admit it…you got me. The “April 31st” blew right by me…prolly onna counta the shock, and the fact that typo errors are epidemic on the Intertubes. Plus, despite the April 1 date on the article, it didn’t appear in my Inbox until April 3. Perhaps it would have struck me as an April fool’s gag if it had shown up on April 1.

    But the thing that made the fooler so effective is the fact that it’s actually sort of plausible. I mean, Apple’s relentless antagonism toward the user-centric hardware flexibility that was once the Mac’s hallmark has effectively bludgeoned those of us who still remember it into doleful resignation to the fact that those days are most likely gone forever.

    Couple that with the change-for-change’s-sake extinction of genuinely useful features and functionality in the Mac’s OS and built-in applications, plus aggressive forced obsolescence of applications software via radical changes in OS architecture—driving some developers to throw up their hands and throw in the towel—and those of us who value the higher productivity engendered by a stable work environment simply shake our heads and cope with the instability.

    So, while I admit I wouldn’t be fond of OWC abandoning Mac users, I have to admit that it would just be another in the long train of disappointments that seem to be intrinsic to the Mac user experience. Regrettable, but as a Windows user, I have no delusions; the alternative is worse.

    Anyhow, after the April foolery became evident, I breathed a sigh of relief. OWC is the Mac user’s best remedy for what would otherwise be the violent whiplash induced by Apple’s commitment (instituted by Steve Jobs) to economist Joseph Schumpeter’s concept of “creative destruction”. As an Apple shareholder, I can’t complain. But I’m glad there’s OWC to ease the pain of being a disgruntled Mac user.

  • OMG you almost gave me a heart attack! No kidding! I just was able to go through my email and got upset and disappointed. I had just upgraded my late 2009 iMac with more RAM and started thinking what to do for my next project.

    You really got me! Sorry I’m late for the April Fool’s Day party… lol

    • Marathon was an amazing, time-sucking, delightful journey for us video game-deprived MacHeads. For a brief moment in time, we got to see why so many PCHeads never wanted to leave the platform.

      For too many unsuspecting boys, who got all of their hex education on the streets from poorly informed peers and their subsequent pressure, gaming was the gateway drug to PC addiction.

      • “…gaming was the gateway drug to PC addiction.”

        HAR! That quotation now has a place in my “Notable & Quotable” file. Brilliant! (Sorry I can’t provide more complete attribution than “Mick from Rocket Yard”.)

        • Aw, everybody’s NOT a critic. Thank you, “Vito from Rocket Yard”! I work hard to be clever and my wife assures me, in no uncertain terms, I fail far more than I succeed.

          In my defense, she’s German.

          Mick G. in SB