Interview with T4 Show’s Michael Manna – OWC Radio #25

Tim Robertson has a full episode sit down interview with T4 Show hostMichael Manna. Topics include the iPhone – Gizmodo story, how the tech community works together, user generated content, green screening, Apple products, trying to learn something new every day, gaming (Michael isT4ShowHost and Tim is RudeCrown on XBox Live, friend us!), iBooks, and of course This or That! A great discussion of Star Trek and Star Wars closes out the show.

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  • Michael Manna is better known as former ECW/WWE/TNA wrestler Stevie Richards. He was always one of the smartest, funniest interviews in wrestling, and that clearly hasn’t changed. I have been unable to get his podcast from iTunes, though, I am getting an error message that it is not available in the US store.