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OWC Leads Customer to Career Path

We love hearing back from OWC customers, not only for the insights that help us to continue providing the very best products, but also for the times when we hear about the positive effect our products have had on the lives of our customers.

Once in a while, we get an e-mail that really makes our day. This was the case when we recently heard from Mike Ball, a Certified Systems Technician and longtime OWC fan, who told us of the impact OWC had on his career path.

Mike’s job title is an alphabet soup of tech know-how: MCDST (Microsoft Desktop Support Technician), MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), A+ Certification, Net+ Certification, Dell Certified Systems Expert, and HP Certified Systems Tech.

And he credits OWC with starting him out on that path. “If it wasn’t for OWC,” Mike wrote, “I wouldn’t have:

  • learned about how Macs work, and computers in general
  • learned about upgrading
  • learned troubleshooting
  • learned about PCs and Windows
  • started my IT career.”

That progression, Mike told us, started after a visit to the OWC site for help with an early Mac problem, where he discovered that he could perform the work himself, leading to the notion that he could do this for a living, and to the career path that took him to where he is today.

“I’ve been an OWC customer for almost ten years,” Mike wrote, “and I recommend OWC to someone almost every day, with no reservations, at any opportunity, (even) with my PC users. I’m always pleasantly surprised at how fast an OWC purchase can be fulfilled, compared to other vendors. You guys ARE the benchmark for service in my book.”

Mike is a confirmed OWC fan, past, present and future. “OWC was one of my first online buying experiences, back when I had just started getting online and upgrading my first Power Mac, a 7600,” he wrote.  “It was as good an experience then as it is now. My site is now establishing support for iPads and iPhones, and OWC will be my first and only choice to refer customers to!”

OWC looks forward to traveling down the road with you for a long time to come, Mike.

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