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Introducing the OWC Envoy Pro SX Thunderbolt Bus-Powered SSD

OWC Envoy Pro SX Thunderbolt Bus-Powered External SSD front side with light on

Introducing the new OWC Envoy Pro SX – the Thunderbolt portable SSD that can withstand any condition. The mild-mannered exterior of the SX hides its true nature. It’s super-fast. Super-versatile. Super-portable. Plus, it’s rugged enough to endure the most challenging work and play settings. 

When put to the test, this little beast of an SSD handles all data storage and backup challenges like a real superhero. The OWC Envoy Pro SX is versatile enough to be used as a bus-powered drive for daily storage and backup tasks. It can handle workflows easily handle the speed demands of production-level audio, design, and photography workflows. And it serves up real-world performance speeds up to 2847MB/s with modern Thunderbolt and USB4 equipped Macs and PCs.

OWC Envoy Pro SX Thunderbolt Bus-Powered External SSD back side showing thunderbolt port

Built along the OWC Envoy Pro EX’s award-winning lineage, this tiny but mighty 1/2 pound portable drive is 1/3 smaller. It features a removable Thunderbolt cable and is test certified to handle the nastiest environments. From managing obstacles in the field to crushing deadlines at home, the OWC Envoy Pro SX lets you unleash your productivity power without needing a cape or mask. 

The grooved fins on the OWC Envoy Pro SX’s matte black aluminum chassis transform it into a highly effective heat sink. Even after a diabolically long file transfer, the stealthy and silent SX stays reliably fast. It is fully compatible with macOS and Windows built-in encryption, so you can add peace of mind password security to your data whenever you need it. Whatever your data journey, the SX stands ready to deliver a crushing blow to time-robbing work and play challenges in the blink of an eye.

OWC Envoy Pro SX Thunderbolt Bus-Powered External SSD on a desk with coffee spill

OWC Envoy Pro SX Highlights

  • Lightning Fast: Advanced OWC Aura Pro SSD storage technology with TRIM support works with Thunderbolt to deliver the fastest and most reliable performance available in a portable drive 
  • Super Versatile: Perfect for audio, video, photography, graphics, gaming, and general data storage/backup uses 
  • Xtremely Portable: Bus-powered and smaller than most compact smartphones 
  • Xtremely Rugged: Certified dustproof, drop-proof, and waterproof
  • Silently Cool: Fan-less, heat-dissipating aluminum housing for distraction-free operation 
  • Secure: Non-skid rubber feet keep the OWC Envoy Pro SX in place 
  • Informative: LED for at-a-glance confirmation of power and activity status
  • Connected: Included Thunderbolt cable plugs into Thunderbolt and USB4 Macs and PCs
  • Worry-Free Reliability: 3 Year OWC Limited Warranty

“For the OWC Envoy Pro SX, we wanted to make a drive that’s truly unique. Listening to our customer’s suggestions from the Envoy Pro EX model, we made sure to add a detachable Thunderbolt 4 / USB4 cable, and while we were at it, we made it a smaller form factor and even more rugged by adding IP67.”

Larry O’Connor, CEO and Founder of OWC

Pricing & Availability

Starting at only $199, the OWC Envoy Pro SX (240GB to 2TB) is available now on

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  • hi
    i just got the 2TB sx version, thanks! wonderful

    it is advertised as USB4.
    shipped with a TB3 cable, and no USB4 cable.
    how can i understand this? maybe tb3 cable is the same as USB4 cable, technically inside?
    just worried, as there are so much different usb-c cables

  • hi
    could you please add more details to the product page?
    – which thunderbolt version, 3 or 4?
    – if it is TB3, why add a TB4 cable?
    – it is compatible with macbookpro 16″ from 2019?
    – it is compatible with the original “Apple Thunderbolt-3-to-Thunderbolt-2” Adapter?


  • Is this compatible with the new M1 2021 iPad Pros? Also how about the 2018 iPad Pros? Thank you in advance.

  • Morning,

    What is the difference between the Envoy Pro FX and the SX? I currently own the FX and really love it.



  • It also says on MacSales that it includes a Thunderbolt 3 cable. Why not a 4?

    • I had to look into this for you. It looks as though when the product was originally planned, our TB4 cables were not yet ready for sale. They will soon be switching this product to include a TB4 cable. Having said that, at the length this cable is, it is identical to TB4. (TB3 cables are only different at greater lengths where they need to be active. All TB4 cables are passive).

  • In this post, you state it has a ‘5 year OWC Warranty’…..going to the link on MacSales it says 3…which is it ?

    • Thanks for catching that, Jim! MacSales is correct at 3 years – not sure how it got transcribed incorrectly here, but I will update the post.