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OWC’s October Garage Sale Full Of Tech Treats

It’s a hauntingly good time to get a tech treat for yourself while the kids are making plans to load up on free candy. That’s right, just for the ghoulish geeks out there, we unveiled our monthly garage sale over the weekend.

And just like a candy bowl left at a front door that says, “pls take one,” the goodies have been moving fast.

No need to scream though…with well over 200 great deals remaining, you still have time to find your favorite kind of treat.

Items are first come/first served, of varying limited quantities to what we have on hand. and must be ordered on-line via our website.

Here are just a few highlights of the available items that automatically count down and ‘vanish without a trace’ as they sell out:

PowerMac G4 up to Dual 1.25GHz from $89.99; iBook G4/1.33GHz for $199.99

Limited supply of Jabra BT125 BlueTooth Headset-NEW in Damaged Box for $19

Wireless 802.11g,n Routers and Adapter options from $10.00

Four Mac Software Titles up to 77% off normal retail while supplies last

Great Mac Memory Deals – 1GB from $14.50; 2GB from $30; 4GB from $60.00
Listings for Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and more

MacBook & MacBook Pro Batteries, New from $48.00

Laptop Carrying Cases, Battery Chargers, Docking Stations, & More

Nearly 30 Different 3.5″ Desktop Drives 500GB and up to 2.0TB from $37.50

Nearly 30 Different 2.5″ Laptop Drives 160GB and up to 1.0TB from

OWC, Intel, Crucial, and Apple SSDs up to 512GB from $94.50

A selection of over 60 drive enclosure kitsstarting from $7.99
2.5″, 3.5″, Serial ATA, IDE/ATA, Single Bay, 2-Bay, 4-Bay, RACK

Controller Cards for IDE/ATA & SATA (PCI, PCIe, Express34) from $17.50

SuperDrives from $22.50 for Desktops and Laptops, Blu-ray from $87.50

Don’t worry about gobbling up all this great gear and having your teeth fall out over high priced shipping. We offer freight specials from as low as $1.95 for delivery…and if you place an order of $179 or more, we ship it to you FREE.

And so that you can be first to howl at the full slate of deals next month, make sure to sign up for for our FREE Tips n’ Deals and Hot Deals newsletters!

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