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groundhog days

Every Day Is Groundhog Day in OWC’s Hometown

Woodstock, Illinois, home of OWC headquarters, kicked off its 30th annual Groundhog Days celebration on January 28. Festivities began when legendary local groundhog Woodstock Willie made his seasonal debut in front of the Woodstock Opera House.

Even if you’ve never visited OWC’s hometown, chances are you’ve spent more than a few Groundhog Days in Woodstock without realizing it. The town famously stood in for Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania in Harold Ramis’ classic 1993 film Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray as self-absorbed weatherman Phil Connors. 

On location

Woodstock’s local landmarks abound in Groundhog Day’s many memorable scenes. This clip below from YouTube’s popular Beyond the Backlot series takes viewers on a tour of the historic town square, bell tower, and shop-fronts that figure prominently in the iconic film:

Groundhog Days combines a dinner dance, a pub crawl, a walking tour of sites shown in the movie, a community singalong with the Die Musikmeisters polka band, and celebratory screenings of the film itself. And of course it culminates in Woodstock Willie’s weather forecast in historic Woodstock Square. Groundhog Days is something everyone (especially fans of the movie!) should experience once.

Willie has spoken

Best of all, Woodstock Willie emerged with good news today: no shadow, early spring on the way. (Of course, those of us who have lived in the upper midwest tend to regard springs that arrive only six weeks after Groundhog Day as early.)

Even if none of us would want to get stuck in a time loop like Phil Connors, repeating the same day over and over again for years, when it comes to backing up data, redundancy is a must! When you’re ready to commit to redundant and reliable RAID storage, OWC can help.

But, as garrulous insurance salesman Ned Ryerson tells Phil Connors, “Watch out for that first step–it’s a doozy!”

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