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Henrik Friis in Poland

How You Can Help the Ukrainian Relief Effort

Your help is needed in Ukraine.

HF Productions and Freedom Support Relief (FSR), both well-respected grassroots humanitarian organizations, have boots on the ground in Ukraine. The situation is dire, and they need your help. 

For more information, listen to OWC RADiO as Cirina Catania interviews Henrik Friis who is on-site with the team in Poland, and Benn Wiebe in London regarding the urgently needed supplies they are delivering to the armed forces in Ukraine. They are also transporting refugees out of the country.

Your help is urgently needed. You can donate by clicking here.

100% of the money you give goes towards supplies for the Ukrainian military: boots, Kevlar vests, helmets, night vision devices, thermal vision devices, radios, clothing, medical supplies, and more.

According to Henrik Friis, “Freedom Support Relief (FSR) is an NGO-initiative and an advocacy platform focused on providing humanitarian and military aid to pro-democracy movements around the world. We are proponents of democracy, the expansion of NATO, and increased Western leadership. We have been active in war zones in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, and others. We support and donate to like-minded organizations that provide urgent relief in areas we don’t have access to aid.” 

We are a volunteer-based organization, we don’t take a salary, and every cent we receive is spent on providing direct aid on the ground to our identified projects. Every little bit helps, and together we can make a difference.

Henrik Friis, Founder HF Productions

Visit the HF Productions website and listen to OWC RADiO to learn more about how you can help contribute to this worthy cause.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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  • Deep skepticism is in order for any effort to “aid Ukraines military”. As The Los Alamos Study Group has pointed out, NGO’s “helping” the military only prolong the conflict which came about due to ignoring regional security concerns. One doesn’t really know where these materials are going and to what end. I would urge those who want to help only do so through the IRC and UNHCR. Most importantly, urge government to seek immediate ceasefire and regional security that will satisfy the outstanding disputes.

  • Thanks and kudos to OWC for sharing this with the community.

    Slava Ukraini !