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Green Monday is here!!!

Woo hoo! It’s Green Monday!

Wait… “Green Monday?”

No… I haven’t been getting “creative” with the Brain Toniq again. It’s an actual, legitimate online retail industry term for the Monday that falls within 10-16 days before Christmas (generally the second Monday in December).

Why is that important?

Effectively, it’s the last Monday that you can have something sent with “standard/ground” shipping and be sure to have it by Christmas. That’s actually pretty important, especially when you consider that we’re offering free shipping on orders over $139 for the contiguous US. Don’t worry if you’re not up to spending that much; we’ve got other discounted shipping options starting at $1.95, as well.

Of course, if you’re a procrastinator, we’ve got you covered there, too. We do offer a “priority expedited” service for overnight delivery, if necessary.

But if you order today, you won’t need to worry about that. You’ll be able to take advantage of OWC’s great Holiday Specials and will get your packages in time to open them under the sincere tree in the living room while your kids eat candy out of special socks.

That’s the magic of Green Monday.

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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  • It’d be nice it you said why it’s important to choose ground instead of air shipping: the conservation of resoures associated with fuel. Also, do you carbon neutralize all of your UPS Ground and 2nd Day Air shipments?

    • Hi Ben…not sure the green in this instance referring to anything environmental. Maybe it’s ‘green for go’ as a consumer can still use ground shipping as an option if placing an order today…you’ll get it by Christmas.

    • Speaking of green and shipping…we received a packaging industry award in 2009 because we use Reflex brand molded packaging cushions to ship 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives and Slimline optical
      drives. Using this alternative, OWC kept 13,338 lbs. (6.7 tons) of Polyethylene out of the solid waste stream in 2009, the equivalent of 91,986 gallon milk jugs and a reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions associated with this amount of Polyethylene in landfills by 3.78 Metric Tons of CO2.

      So even though we had a Green Monday here…it’s GreenDay here 24/7.