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SoftRAID Updates Bring Easier Licensing Management

Latest SoftRAID update with easier license management running on an iMac with an OWC ThunderBay sitting alongside.
The latest version of SoftRAID gives Mac and Windows users better management tools for licenses.

With the release of SoftRAID 6.3 for Mac and the upcoming release of SoftRAID 4 for Windows, users are getting more tools to manage their SoftRAID licenses, making it easier to deploy SoftRAID to multiple users and across various locations.  

As customers’ workflows continue to evolve, more and more users need to access RAID volumes from single locations and RAID enclosures are being shipped and shared to multiple destinations. With these new challenges, we have streamlined the process and make it even easier to use SoftRAID.  

License management 

The latest versions of SoftRAID make it even easier to manage your license. SoftRAID is still licensed per computer, meaning you need to have a valid serial number activated on your computer to access all SoftRAID features (i.e. creation, deletion, monitoring, etc.). If you have multiple startup volumes on one computer a single license is valid for that system. 

If you need SoftRAID on multiple computers, you can add additional seats to your license at a discounted price at any time. New seats are added to your current SoftRAID serial number, making it easy to keep track of your license and manage the software. Additional seats can be purchased on the OWC Software store ( 

Remember: With SoftRAID you can always access your Data 

While SoftRAID does use activation technology to control some of its powerful features, like RAID creation, deletion, and drive health monitoring, you can ALWAYS access your data with SoftRAID installed. Running full SoftRAID, a trial version, or even an expired version—you can always read and write to a SoftRAID volume. Your data is always accessible. 

Activating and and deactivating your licenses

The process of activating and deactivating your license is extremely simple. While connected to the internet, simply go to the SoftRAID menu on the Mac or the Help menu on Windows and select the “Activate” option. This will open a new window to activate the software.

Deactivation is just as easy—once the software is activated, the menu option will change to “Deactivate License”. License management made easier.  

Not connected to the internet? SoftRAID also provides options for “offline” activation using another computer or smartphone. Those options are available through the same menus if an internet connection is not detected. 

Checking license status 

We’ve also created tools to help check the status of your licenses—our new License Management page allows you to check the status of your SoftRAID serial numbers anytime.

Visit and enter your SoftRAID serial number to view all the information associated with the license. This will work for both licenses purchased on the OWC Software store and licenses purchased with OWC enclosures and from third parties.  

Here to help 

If you have additional questions about OWC Software Licenses, please visit the License Management page on the OWC Software Store.  

If you aren’t sure what kind of license you have or how many seats are available, please reach out to our support team anytime and they can assist with any license questions. 

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