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Repurposing technology can save big bucks!

Who has the iPod shuffle 1st Generation anymore? I don’t anymore. Sure there are a few around, but really…

You want the latest, greatest, longest lasting iPod.

You may have the latest, greatest, almost longest lasting iPod…


Any iPod can certainly benefit from longer runtimes. How else are we to be entertained on long flights? Or, fed musically on our road trips without having to cycle through constantly changing radio stations all while conserving power on our laptops?  The easiest way to do so is to buy an external battery pack to keep the good times rolling when away from a power source.  Most external rechargeable batteries for iPods and iPhones are designed to compliment the iPod for which it’s intended.  Our own NewerTech NuPower Video+ Rechargeable Battery Pack for the iPod Video is a handsome (and reviewer favorite!) device designed to cradle your iPod Video and provide additional runtime or even recharge the iPod Video itself.  It’s a fantastic product – if you have that model iPod.

We recently acquired a fair amount of stock on the iRecharge for iPod Shuffle.  It’s a rechargeable battery pack designed to dock the iPod shuffle and provide up to 40 hours of additional runtime.  And what a deal we can pass on to you… these babies are selling for $4.99 to $5.99 depending on whether it comes with one or three neoprene iPod shuffle protective sleeves.

Oh, you don’t have the iPod Shuffle either?

Not a problem at all!  The iPod shuffle was unique in that the USB plug was built in, designed to charge and transfer data much the same as a thumb drive.  But it is not unique in so far as all iPods since the 4th Generation iPod charge via a USB charging cable.  This means you can plug that cable into the USB port on the iRecharge and, while it won’t clip on to your iPod or iPhone, you can increase the runtime or charge your model in just the same way for a fraction of the cost!  Many of today’s iPod/iPhone external rechargeable power sources can cost upwards of $50.00, so for about 10% of that cost you get the rechargeable battery that works with your current iPod, and a protective sleeve that doesn’t.  But for that price…throw the sleeve away!

Ok, I’m not one for buying something only to throw it away, but the case can come in handy for other purposes too.  You can use it as finger puppet clothing, a chewing gum carrying case, a miniature doll sleeping bag, attach a hook to it and go fishing, the possibilities of re-purposing could be endless! Hmm, do you have a special favorite use you wish to tell the world? If we get a reply comment on the blog that is really creative and much more useful than my own suggestions, we’ll send you an OWC “Holy Smokes!” Limited Edition MacWorld 2009 T-Shirt .

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  • Ooh gosh i just typed a huge comment and when i submitted it it come up blank! Please please tell me it worked right? I dont want to sumit it again if i do not have to! Either the blog bugged out or i am just stuipd, the second option doesnt surprise me lol.

  • Hmm, do you have a special favorite use you wish to tell the world?
    – Sleeping bags for mice
    – Cable tidy. Jam one end of the loops into it
    – Stretch it over a file handle for a better grip
    – Cut it up and use it for grip “feet” on household items
    – Change purse for parking money in the car
    – Cut up and use to relieve pressure points in footwear
    – Offer as a free incentive that people “assume” must be worth something
    – Cut the corners off diagonally and use for bumpguards on something fragile
    – Patch blowup dolls (if the material is compatible – I don’t know)
    – Make realistic stage makeup blisters and war wounds on top of a piece of it and then apply to body for the show.
    – Use in your toolbox to jam in a few slender items that often roll around and hide
    – Experiment with how far the material will stretch by filling with water or air, or even just pulling each end
    – Tuck your pocket knife into it to give it a rubberised surface and stop it sliding out of your pocket
    – Experiment with what dissolves the material or what glues it
    – Stretch over a wall plug when you’re shipping an electrical item without the original packaging
    – Make a shanghai (if it works or not, you be the judge)
    – Buy a dozen batteries for your staff Christmas presents, and use the cases for a kite-tail
    – Practice for “blowing up a hot water bottle” stage show
    – Store your USB dongle, USB Bluetooth adapter, USB cellular data stick, or any such small device that floats around in your bag
    – Shove one in my mouth to shut me up
    – Which leads to; baby pacifier for teething. Stick a crusket in it and it’ll last all day
    – Bump stop for an item that slams shut too hard
    – Cut up and make zip pullers by having a strip that threads back through a hole in one end of itself
    – Pack it full of C4 and shut this guy up. Thanks!

  • Y’know, I always liked that first generation iPod shuffle. Straight plug into the USB port (no adapter needed, which is one of the reasons I guess Apple changed it), big enough not to lose (per se) but small enough to be über-portable. I gave mine to our babysitter years back but I kind of wish I kept it.