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“Be A HeadCase” Case for iPhone is worth toasting.

Like many people, I’ve had the dream of being able to drink beer at work. So when the “Be A HeadCase” Bottle/Can Opener Case for iPhone came across my desk to look at, it was just the excuse I was looking for; after all, I can’t really write about a product without testing it first…

Well, ten beers in and it’s quite obvious that ham sandwich unicorn, gerbera daisy David Hassellhoff… Oooh… a kitty!

Just kidding…

The “Be a HeadCase” Bottle/Can Opener Case for iPhone is just that – a case for your iPhone that just so happens to have a stainless steel bottle opener and tab puller built into the back of it. It’s a pretty simple concept, really.

The case itself is your standard two-piece slide-in case. Take off the bottom piece, slide your iPhone in, replace the bottom piece, and you’re good to go. It has a nice rubberized outer surface, which helps keep your grip and offers at least a little protection in case of splashback. It also has the obligatory cutout for your dock connector and seems to be an all-around decent enough case for your iPhone.

What sets this apart from other cases, however, is the built-in bottle opener. About halfway up the back side is a small extruded area that holds the stainless steel bottle opener. It’s pretty handy if you happen to have a bottle of beer you want to drink but left your bottle opener elsewhere; it’s a tragedy that has happened to me a number of times.

Also included is a free iOS application that turns this already handy bottle opener into one of those novelty openers that play a sound when you open a bottle, using the iPhone’s accelerometer to sense when you’re moving the phone in an “opening” motion. There’s also a counter, so you can tell just how many beers you’ve opened.

We played with the software a little bit and at first we found it was prone to crashing— until we discovered we were “using it wrong.” Apparently, opening (or pretending to open) too many bottles too fast is what causes the crash. Opening at a more “normal” rate offered no problems, so I guess that we won’t be going for any speed records with the app on.

The app is merely a complimentary aspect to the case itself, which is the important part. After all, the app isn’t what protects the iPhone or opens the beer; the case does. And that’s why we like it.

We like it so much, in fact, that we’re adding a special deal on this case for all our Blog readers, so you have plenty of time to order one before Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day for that matter).

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the truly great deals and specials can only be found in OWC Larry’s Hot Deals newsletter, which not only gets you some truly great exclusive deals, but puts you at the forefront of any OWC-wide specials coming up. And as anybody who’s waited to get an Apple product on release day, the front of the line is the best place to be.

Sure, we’ve mentioned the newsletter before. We’ll probably continue to mention it, too—not so much out of self-promotion, but simply because it is such a great source for deals and specials.

Oh… did I mention it’s free?

So go ahead, sign up for OWC Larry’s Hot Deals newsletter and then kick back with a nice frosty brew while reading the latest releases.

And if you have the “Be A HeadCase” Bottle/Can Opener Case on your iPhone, you can do all of that without getting out of your chair.

M. Chris Stevens
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