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OWC Radio #54 – The $3 Word Episode

Another month of news has gone by and there’s so much to discuss! The iPad 2 is still not widely available. Apple has cut several products from retail stores. Acer is looking to overhaul their operations to be more like Apple. OWC has released several new and exciting products in the last month. Join us as we discuss all of this and more.

OWC Radio is a monthly, forum-based podcast focused on the events and happenings in the Mac community. This week’s hosts are: OWC Grant, OWC Chris S., and OWC Mike H.

Links from the show:

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  • Man, I’ve been so itching to get a Sandforce 2K series drive from OWC to go with my new MBP that I ordered one as soon as I saw BareFeats mention it. Was kind of surprised, because I’d been checking the OWC home page and blog literally daily waiting for an announcement, and was wondering how I’d missed it. Now I get why.

    I hope the “same day” label on the 120GB this morning is correct!

    I do feel kinda bad, because I realized after ordering that while I’d jumped on BareFeats’ mention, I didn’t order until I got home from work, so I don’t think they got the advertising referral credit.

    Looking forward to actually having the 6G in hand whenever it’s ready to ship! >500GB/s R/W isn’t just fast, that’s *ridiculous*. I mean, seriously, until recently you’d have literally needed a 6-drive 7K RAID array to hit that kind of large-file throughput, and at least 4 15K SAS drives to approach that kind of random performance. That’s like industrial-strength video AND fileserver storage *in a notebook*. Yikes.

    • Yes, the same day shipping is correct for the 120GB model.

      I’d also like to take the chance to update my previous comment. The formal press release on this product is coming early next week with all the details.

  • True that Michael!!!

    Thanks for the reply.

    So these new 6G SSD’s would not be for the current Mac Pro I take it? Perhaps the next one and I assume the newest Macbook Pros: which I think may be the only 6G-ready apple product (correct me if I’m wrong)? I guess the only way for the latest Mac Pro user would be to use the PowerMax e-sata card (which I have) with a 6G enclosure? Woud this fully saturate (or almost, anyways) the 6G bus via an external enclosure hooked up via E-sata to the PCIe PowerMax? That said, which enclosure do you think would be good? And speaking of that, with all my current OWC SSD RE’s, would I be able to put two of these in RAID 0 in one of the 6G enclosures to come close to saturating the 6G bus?

    Also, I’m glad and I’m sure many others are that you guys at OWC take all the steps and time required to make sure a product is ready for prime-time. I can imagine the ‘want’ to get those things out seeing other companies pushing their own. Much respect for that!!!

    Thanks- sorry for all the questions!!! ha- love me some OWC!

    O-Dub Scott

    P.S. I noticed on the link there was no RE version of these 6G SSD’s….does this mean there will only be a 7% over-provisioning version of the 6G SSD’s or will the RE versions be forthcoming? Thanks again.

    • whoo….Scott…you have many questions…all good!

      The new 6G drives…which we haven’t formally announced yet (meaning shipping) are appropriate for ANY SATA 2.0 (3.0Gb/s) or SATA 3.0 (6.0Gb/s) interface machine. That’s the sweet thing about these drives…and note on the specs tables…that they deliver the highest level of performance each standard can support. Great for today and tomorrow use then!

      These new drives have 7% OP…so like the original Extreme line, single drive non RAID use is recommended.

      Yes…your existing RE models RAIDed together should get over 400MB/s throughput.

      No eta on a RE version of this 6G model.

  • Whoa!!! Wait a minute!!!

    I totally missed it!! When did you guys release the 6G SSD’s?

    That’s awesome!!!

    Speaking of new stuff- I think I may have seen it asked somewhere else but I can’t remember what you guys said- are there any OWC plans for PCIe based SSD’s? Reason I ask, is I just ordered a PCIe expansion chassis that has 7 x8 slots. It wasn’t purchased specifically for PCIe SSD’s but I had ’em in the back of my mind. :-)


    O-Dub Scott

    • You didn’t miss anything, the formal press release on this product is coming later this week with all the details.

      We’re several days from having stock on the 6G SSDs but have received our final-run, pre-release quality control samples, which we’ve been doing our own testing on and sent a few to some independent testing sites for their review and independent verification of performance. We don’t formally announce most of our products until this step is done.

      As to the PCIe based SSD – it is forthcoming. While we were fully planning and expecting to have them available during the first quarter of this year, but sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry. As was mentioned in the podcast, we’re not about to put a product out there for the sake of having a product. We work to produce the right product and won’t settle for “good enough.”