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International space station

Solar Power: From Dream to Reality

Perhaps the best thing about getting older is that you have the opportunity to watch dreams turn into reality. Solar power from photovoltaic cells was just an expensive, impossible dream back in 1970 when I was an 8th-grade student at East Junior High in Aurora, Colorado, celebrating the first-ever Earth Day. In this article, I’ll talk about the roots of solar power, the first practical uses on spacecraft, and how companies and individuals are now taking advantage of the sun to produce clean, inexhaustible energy.

Solar Array Now Operating at OWC Headquarters in Woodstock, IL

In early 2014, OWC completed work on the Solar panel installation on the roof of its OWC facility in Austin, Texas. And now, OWC headquarters has joined the Austin facility in harnessing the natural power of the sun. OWC’s LEED...

Solar Power Shines In 2013 With Record Breaking Numbers

There is very good news coming out of the solar energy sector. Thanks to environmentally conscious companies like OWC, almost a third of new U.S. electricity came from solar power last year. Tech media company GigaOM reports that environmentalists long...

Solar Panel Installation Completed at Austin Facility

Since work began in late 2013, we’ve been documenting the progress of the Solar panel installation on the roof of our OWC facility in Austin, Texas. And we’re happy to report that the project has been completed and the panels...

Solar Panel Project Nears Completion At OWC Austin

We just wanted to post a quick update on our solar panel installation project at our OWC Austin facility. The panels are currently being installed and are expected to supply no less than 32 percent of the building’s annual power...

Solar Panel Project Continues at OWC Austin Facility

As you may have read last week, we here at OWC are looking to make our Austin facility more energy-efficient from the top down. Work continues on the installation of solar panels on the roof of our downtown office building....

Nokero Solar Bulbs: A Great Idea!

Since their creation in 1879, light bulbs have been associated with the occurrence of a new idea. This is evident in pretty much all cartoons and is as commonplace as a falling anvil or malfunctioning TNT from the Acme Corporation....

Solar Flare To Turn Out Lights On East Coast?

If you're a loyal OWC blog reader, you know about our affinity for space related topics. We've told you about new life forms, about bombing the moon, even when the first Star Trek episode was unveiled. So we thought we'd...

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