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Nokero Solar Bulbs: A Great Idea!

Since their creation in 1879, light bulbs have been associated with the occurrence of a new idea. This is evident in pretty much all cartoons and is as commonplace as a falling anvil or malfunctioning TNT from the Acme Corporation. But in this case, light bulbs are the good idea. And the Nokero line of solar light bulbs has many products to help you identify with your inner toon and represent your every idea.

The light bulb most similar to a stereotypical cartoon idea bulb and used to symbolize a basic yet solid idea is the Nokero Crestone Solar Light Bulb. Examples of these ideas include listening to your wife (or pretending to anyway), obeying traffic signals, and wearing pants. Okay, so this light bulb can’t detect a new idea, but you could flip it on as soon as you feel some creative juices brewing. It’s efficient, durable, rainproof, and the rechargeable AA battery lasts approximately 1.5-2 years.

If you’re looking for a little bit brighter of an idea, try the Crestone’s cousin—the Nokero Shavano Solar Light Bulb. It’s LED and twice the brightness of the Crestone. In cartoon world, this bulb would represent a high level of thinking, or a great idea (The Theory of Relativity, cutting off your mullet back in the 90’s, Nutella…).

But if you ever find yourself having so many good ideas and cartoon light bulbs that you actually fall into cartoon world (it happens…look at Space Jam) the Nokero Antero Solar Flashlight can help you out. Say you find yourself in the dark because a falling boulder knocks your lights out, the Nokero Antero can help illuminate the spinning stars above your head. But seriously, this helpful bulb suction cups to your window and recharges in the sun to provide up to 8 hours of runtime, giving you plenty of time to wake up from your boulder-coma and come up with your next great idea. In real life, the Nokero Antero Solar Flashlight can keep you safe by providing light in emergency situations. And whether you’re in cartoon world or the real world, that’s a good idea.

At the end of the day when you’re tired from coming up with all those good ideas, grab your Nokero Ed Solar Book Light, head into your blanket and pillow fort, and read some comic books. The light clips easily on to books and is bright, small, and portable so you can take it with you wherever you go.

And finally, because you’ve probably been up all night in your pillow and blanket fort talking to your friends about all the great ideas you came up with today, Nokero makes the RayCel Solar Mobile Phone Battery Charger. Insert any 3.7-volt removable battery into the universal charging port, place the RayCel in direct sunlight, and charge. The RayCel’s 1-watt solar panel charges an 800mAh phone battery in as fast as 4 hours. Unfortunately, it is unable to charge devices with a non-removable battery such as iPhones, but they are very useful for compatible devices.

It’s obvious that Nokero has a solar lighting product to support every step in the idea creation process. These products are green, energy efficient, and because they are not made by the Acme Corporation, come with a one-year warranty. Unfortunately, Nokero does not make anvils, TNT, rocket-powered roller skates, giant elastic rubber bands, or anything else to transport you to cartoon world. You’ll still have to go to Acme for those.

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  • I find this bulb impressive and would probably be the generation to come after LED has dominated the market. It obviously would not be so suitable for businesses, but I believe household outdoor areas it can be an irreplaceable solution.

  • Bad problem, these use “white” LEDs
    Why do we want to export our problems with breast cancer and sleep disruption to the third world countries that are getting their first electric lights from this kind of device.

    If they’d add just a simple switch, resistor, and amber LED to these, it would allow nighttime light that’s plenty bright to work, and get around, but doesn’t disrupt the cycle of melatonin.

    Search and read. You can start with any of these. Do your own research. Ask your local librarian to help.

    The AMA is a slow, cautious, conservative group. When they came out with a policy statement it was about like when they came out on tobacco and lung cancer. It takes a lot of evidence before they’ll say anything.

    They’ve said it. You should read it. You should point it out to the people making the stuff you sell.