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Be Efficient with the NuGreen LED Desk Lamp

It’s human nature to constantly be looking for ways to be more efficient and improve ourselves. It’s why we invent things like the Ab Belt so we can not only achieve a six-pack, but do it while gnawing on a burrito. Okay, so that may not be the best example of efficiency, but you get what we mean.

And while we continue on this quest to become focused, cool, and efficient, there’s a desktop lighting solution out there that is already all of that and more. The NuGreen Flexible Neck LED Desk Lamp is so cool, it doesn’t even have to try. No, seriously—the NuGreen doesn’t emit any heat, so you don’t have to worry about heating up the room or accidentally touching it and acquiring a borderline third degree burn.

The LEDs in the lamp last up to 45,000 use hours—a life much longer than your average goldfish (note: not based on scientific fact but rather traumatic childhood memories). And not only is it energy efficient, but the bulbs are recyclable because they contain no mercury.

The light emitted by the NuGreen is similar to natural daylight, so you can stay up all hours of the night and be surprised when you realize it’s 5am and you’ve done nothing but watch cat videos on YouTube.

Another impressive feature about the NuGreen is the great value. While comparable lamps can run over $100, the NuGreen is only $57.99. And just like freshly baked cookies and puppies in little sweaters, people love the NuGreen! It’s been called “a great solution for people who need a good task light” by The Gadgeteer, and described as a “great choice for a desk lamp and perfect to illuminate even the most eclectic PC gamer’s domain” by Game Usagi. And that’s just a sampling of the wonderful feedback we’ve received.

No matter who you are or what you do, the NuGreen is the best way to illuminate your desk space so you can clearly see that “To-Do” List and choose to ignore it anyway. Well, look on the bright side—at least one thing about you will be efficient—your NuGreen Desk Lamp.

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