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Spring Cleaning With The StoraDrive

After a long, slow, and seemingly indefinite winter (how many other ways can I say winter seemed to last FOREVER?!), springtime is finally upon us! Now is the time for remembering how loud birds can sing in the morning, questioning why you bought your house next to the guy who mows his lawn at 7am, and, of course, spring cleaning. But no matter what your mom taught you, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be all about going through old clothes, dusting, and getting rid of those Guns N’ Roses posters you’ve had since 1991. It can also be about making sure all your data is organized and safe.

The Newer Technology StoraDrive is perfect for storing, protecting, and organizing all your 3.5” hard drives. It’s sleek, black, and prepared to make you look ridiculously neat and organized. Each drive drawer includes a convenient label area so you can remember exactly what content you put in each section (a feature that would have come in handy on your dresser when you misplaced not both, but just one of your favorite socks…such a tragedy).

And unlike that (*cough*) beautiful, hand knitted sweater you found in the back of your closet from your sweet Aunt Sally, the StoraDrive cases are anti-static to provide safe, durable storage for your drives. Best of all, you can stack more StoraDrives as your drive storage need grows!

So let the StoraDrive help you with your cleaning and organization efforts. Well, at least partially…unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about that tumbleweed of dust forming under your bed…you’re going to have to face that one head on.

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