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Solid State Drive Prices Likely To Upswing In 2013

Last month we reported on the trend of rising memory prices due to DRAM supply constraints. Recently, we’ve seen a similar trend in NAND flash.

Since we introduced our first Solid State Drive in January 2010, we’ve been following the pricing and availability of components very closely. As part of our continuing efforts to keep our readers well-informed on industry trends that could affect purchasing decisions, we’ve been witnessing a price increase in NAND flash modules themselves.

For quite a while, it seemed that the longer you waited to upgrade to a SSD, the lower price you could get. Now, though, the pricing on 64Gb NAND has increased 31% since January, and just like with DRAM, it takes a few months for any component’s increased cost to affect the retail pricing of the final product. So, while prices have not yet begun to rise, the recent trend of falling SSD prices has certainly stopped at this point.

With NAND flash prices on the rise, it isn’t just SSDs that will be affected. Flash Memory Cards, USB drives, and other NAND flash based products may see similar upticks in pricing in the upcoming months.

Our purchasing suggestion?

It is very likely that we are at the bottom of the retail pricing curve and from our market analysis, prices are likely to start rising in the short term before continuing the natural progression of lower pricing over time. If you’re planning on purchasing a Solid State Drive during 2013 – now is probably the best time as far as pricing goes.

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  • I’d been waiting for SSD prices to fall to more than cancel out the recent RAM price rises.

    With rumours 10.9 might be delayed ai guess I’ll probably be holding off upgrades for quite a while yet, maybe till next year.

  • The annoyance for me is the delay finding out about a Mac Pro. Even if I were to order the SSD in advance if there is no pro I might have to go to a 2.5 (mac mini) or even not have a second bay at all (iMac).

  • Between the higher margins in the SSD market and competition I don’t see price hikes being a big issue. Heck, Micron/Crucial have already announced a 960GB SSD for under $600 that is due relatively soon.