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Take Your Mac mini To The Max With The Latest Storage Upgrade Kit From OWC

PR_miniKitOther World Computing has just launched an upgraded OWC “Data Doubler” Kit, which  can now add a new 1.5 TB drive , and is compatible with 2011 and later Mac minis. Bare kits or additional capacity bundles are also available.

What it does: this DIY kit enables Mac mini owners to add a second internal hard drive and install up to two drives for up to 3.0 TB of storage, or add a high-performance solid-state drive (SSD) to complement (or fully replace) the existing internal factory drive.

Why it’s cool: this kit is ideal for Mac mini owners who are running out of storage space or want to improve performance with an OWC SSD. It lets you add a second 9.5mm or smaller 2.5″ SATA hard drive or solid-state drive (sold separately). Adding one of these drives to an internal bay also takes advantage of higher speeds and increased performance of the Mac mini internal storage connections. With this kit, users can enjoy almost instantaneous booting and application launches along with an incredible boost to overall system and application performance.

What it includes:

  • All drive-mounting components (custom flex cable, screws, and grommets)
  • All necessary tools
  • Installation guide
  • Step-by-step online installation video
  • Or, customers can use our Apple Mac mini Installation Service and have OWC “Do It For You”
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  • I’ve been an OWC customer for many years, and I definitely want to upgrade my Mac mini with a data doubler, adding a ~480Gb SSD and moving my slow 500Gb hard disk to secondary storage. But I’ve been waiting for prices to drop on larger SSDs. OWC has always been a price leader, but lately I’ve seen specials on brand name 480Gb SSDs that are over $100 cheaper than even your lower cost Electra SSDs. What’s the deal? Are you guys going to come in line with lower SSD prices that are available everywhere?

    • We have always focused on offer competitive prices on quality products built to perform and last. We sell some non-OWC SSDs for less and, honestly, I know our product is better. We build it better, we support it without parallel, and we have not sought to cut corners to play compete with the lower end of the spectrum. In truth, any SSD is going to offer benefit – but our SSDs are designed to give be the best for the Macs we support them in. With respect to low cost SSD stuff out there – we see the same stuff and scratch our heads as it’s below our own cost to build – but we build only with top-tier major MLC NAND (no TLC) and further, we build our product right here in the USA, in a facility we occupy, with all the best ingredients.

      NAND has been in shortage since late 2012 and it is realistic to expect things to start coming down again when additional producers come into the NAND game or if market shortages go to surpluses. When that happens, will see a bit more of a level playing field in general. Thanks for the support and understanding. We do make other SSD options available with some cost advantages – but we’re in the SSD business because we know we’re focused on making ours the best they can be for your Mac.