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OWC Upgrades Maximize Mac mini Performance by Doubling Memory, Adding Second Drive for Up to 2.0TB Of Capacity or SSD Performance

Other World Computing announced today through its in-house MaxRAM testing lab its high performance OWC PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz 16GB Memory Kit for all 2011 Mac mini models now provides twice the factory maximum 8GB installed memory at 52 percent less cost per GB. OWC Memory Upgrades are fully tested and certified to meet, if not surpass, all Apple memory design and compatibility specifications and come backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and free, step-by-step installation videos.

Maximum Memory Recommended for OS X Lion Users

While Apple’s official minimum RAM requirement for OS X Lion is 2GB, industry experts agree 4GB of RAM is the minimum that should be installed for optimum performance of typical daily computer usage. 8GB or more installed RAM is highly recommended and can be of night and day performance benefit for advanced uses such as graphics production, A/V editing, Server applications, running a virtual machine, etc.

More Memory Options and Greater Savings Over Factory:

67 percent lower cost vs. same sized factory 4GB option.

Up to 81 percent lower cost vs. same sized factory 8GB option.

Not factory available, Offers 50 percent more RAM for $75 less than factory maximum 8GB option.

Not available as factory memory upgrade option. Offers double the RAM with a 52 percent lower cost per GB than $200 factory maximum 8GB option.

Add a Second Hard Drive or Solid State Drive

The OWC ‘Data Doubler’ DIY Kit for the 2011 Mac mini enables owners to install up to 2.0TB of total storage by allowing the addition of a second internal 2.5″ SATA hard drive with up to 1.0TB of capacity or a high-performance Solid State Drive in addition to the existing single installed drive. Fully supported with a step-by-step ‘how-to’ video, users can add an OWC Mercury 6G SSD up to 480GB in capacity starting from $95.99 and enjoy near instantaneous booting and application launches along with an incredible boost to overall system and application performance. OWC also offers an instant $15.00 rebate on this DIY Kit when an OWC Mercury SSD is purchased at the same time.

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  • Yes, we replaced four large, energy-inefficient Mac Pros with SSD enhanced Mac Mini servers, and the perceived speed is much faster — everything is zippy, graphics performance with Lion is better than the Mac Pros (2008-2009 era), SSD boots ridiculously fast. Best of all, the backup disk is the other HDD inside the Mini, so it’s even more elegant since you don’t need an ugly backup drive hanging off. Note that the Mac Mini server is recommended over the normal Mini since it’s quad core, though the graphics are ostensibly less good.