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OWC Acquires BRU Family of Backup, Archival, and Storage Solutions

OWC announced it is in the final steps of completing the acquisition of BRU™ product technologies and support of the ultra-reliable data backup, restore, and archival solutions for end-users and OEMs. Based on 35 years of legendary technology, BRU is the only genuinely cross-platform backup and archival solution that exists.

Business Continuity Backups

As a professional photographer for over 15 years, I have generated an image archive that consumes nearly 20 terabytes of drive space. Although I go to great lengths to ensure this data is safe and backed up to multiple on-site and off-site locations, it’s far from being the only thing happening in my daily backup routine. In this post, I want to talk about what I refer to as business continuity backups. These are backups that are a part of my daily, automated backup routine, and they are specifically created with business continuity in mind.

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World Backup Day 2020

It’s March 31, which means it is World Backup Day. This observance is held each year to spotlight the importance of backups and remind people to make backups a habit. Backups are the only way to make sure that your important data is copied to at least one other location so that it is still accessible if your Mac, iPhone or iPad is damaged or lost. Every year, we celebrate World Backup Day here at The Rocket Yard by showing our readers just how easy it is to make backups on all of their Apple devices. If you’re not making regular backups, today’s the day that you should begin. Check out this informative video first, then follow our instructions to start making your backups.

How to Restore Data From Time Machine Backups

Time Machine is certainly an easy-to-use app for backing up your data. It's free, and comes installed and ready to use with the Mac OS. In many of our Rocket Yard guides, we’ve often suggested that you perform a backup before proceeding with the rest of the steps in the guide. And for many people, that backup will be performed with Time Machine. In this Rocket Yard guide, we look at the three most often used methods to recover data from a Time Machine backup.

Backup Month: Backing Up Apple Mail

It’s still April, which means it is still Backup Month. Today we’re going to look at a backup strategy that might be important to you: backing up Apple Mail on macOS. A Bit of Background on Apple Mail Apple Mail (commonly...

Backup Month: How to Fine-Tune iOS iCloud Backups

April is Backup Month, and though we often focus on Mac backups, it's equally important to remember to keep your mobile devices backed up as well. In today's post, we'll look at the iOS iCloud Backup function and show how...

macOS Mojave: Make Sure Your Third-Party Backups Apps Are Working

(Mojave page in the Mac App Store.) Whenever a new operating system version comes out, there are always some apps or utilities that seem to require more attention than others. With macOS Mojave, improvements to the security of the operating...

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