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Why Hard Drives Fail and Why You Should Have a Backup Plan

Like death and taxes, there's one more thing that's an absolute in life - all hard disk drives (HDDs) will eventually fail. It's not a matter of "if" the drive will fail, just "when" it will stop working. That's why we...

Bootable Backups: A Key Part of Your Complete Backup Plan

During April, the Rocket Yard focuses on the importance of backups to an overall data security plan. Previously, we discussed how to use the Time Machine app built into OS X to easily and quickly begin backing up data on your...

Having A Backup Plan Is No Joke

There's a good chance you were spending the holiday yesterday in the company of your irreplaceable family members and friends. There's also a good chance you were too busy to spend any time with something else that's irreplaceable – your...

Make Sure Your Plan Is In Order This World Backup Day

Each year, we like to give Rocket Yard readers a pleasant reminder about a very important date: March 31. No, not so you can get a head start on your April Fools Day planning. Rather, today is World Backup Day...

OWC U2 Shuttle with Mercury Helios

The Benefit of Using U.2 Drives For Data Backups

Backups are one of those ambiguous tasks. Deep down, you know you ought to be doing something, and there is always the sinking feeling that there is room for improvement. Managing data can come with a certain sense of anxiety,...

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