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OWC Brian

OWC Brian
6 posts

Keeping Track of the ‘Traces’ of Apps on Your Mac

Have you ever removed an application or driver only to find out later there are still traces of it on your Mac? Perhaps you are just curious where files go during an installation? Fear not! Apple has made it very...

Tech Tip: Resetting Your Password In OS X 10.7 Or Later

Forget that new super secure password you just created? Breathe easy, there is a simple fix. In OS X versions 10.6 and earlier we would just boot to the installation disk, go to Utilities, and open the Reset Password application....

Keep your Mac running its best using these simple tips.

Why does my Mac take so long to boot? Have you upgraded your hard drive only to find out that the new drive is booting slower than the original? Or, maybe you haven’t upgraded the drive, but your Mac just...

Keep your Mac up-to-date with AppFresh

If you’re anything like me, you like to try and keep all of your Mac's software up-to-date. Until recently, your only options were Software Update and following software sites like MacUpdate. The newly created App Store has certainly made this...

Easter Eggs in July?

The fun thing about software is that there is a lot going on underneath that you don’t usually see. Sometimes, programmers will slip something in, just under the surface, for you to find. Sometimes it’s a picture, some specific text,...