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Rocket Yard


Anything about OWC green efforts. Wind turbine, turtle crossing, edible packaging, etc.

Hold on to your hats, it’s windy out there.

There's quite a bit of wind blowing around the OWC facilities here in Woodstock, and not all of it is coming out of our Marketing Department. Fortunately, we can put that wind to good use. As part of our ongoing commitment to making our facility as "green" as possible, OWC has constructed a wind turbine, which should supply 100% of...

Guardian MAXimus Helps the Environment

Lest Earth Day be celebrated and forgotten, I want to remind you that the NewerTech Guardian MAXimus is a leader in green technology. Techno Dad Mike Ferrara highlighted the NewerTech Guardian MAXimus Hardware RAID-1 storage solution in a segment on...

A Green Catalog

If you are an OWC customer, no doubt you've received a catalog from us. The reaction to this relatively new program (we've mailed 4 times now) has been very positive in many aspects, but a few folks have taken us...

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