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OWC RADiO audio podcast only

Ian McDonough, CEO, Blackbird

OWC RADiO: Cloud Video Editing and Publishing With Ian McDonough

This week, we release the first in a series of interviews on the topic of remote collaboration. OWC Radio host Cirina Catania talks with CEO Ian McDonough of Blackbird about its well-established track record in this arena. Although the latest tech talk is heavy on the subject of "new" innovations on the remote collaboration front, Blackbird has been working quietly...

Richard Devine headshot

OWC RADiO: Richard Devine on Electronic Music and Sound Design

Meet Richard Devine, an electronic musician and sound designer whose work transcends our earthly imaginations. He has created musical compositions, mnemonics, field recording, sound effects, loop libraries, created content, instrument patch designs, specialized sound design for TV, film, games, web...

Steve Douglass with Filmmakers

OWC RADiO: Steve Douglass Inspires A New Generation of Filmmakers

Steve Douglass is a role model for educators worldwide, as he develops new ways of teaching filmmaking/storytelling using mobile filmmaking as a medium for motivation and inspiration. Cirina Catania, OWC RADiO Host, spends a lively hour with him and you...

shaquile o'neil presents foster boy

OWC RADiO: Steve Bannerman – Behind the Scenes With Foster Boy

The movie, Foster Boy, Executive Produced by Shaquille O'Neal and Michael Parris, stars Mathew Modine, Shane Paul McGhie, and Louis Gossett Jr. Cirina Catania continues her coverage with part two of her in-depth interviews with the filmmakers. This time, she speaks...

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