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iPhone 11 Pro showing Social media applications on its screen

Logging Off for Good: Is Post-COVID Social Media Fatigue a Thing?

It’s hard to go on social media these days without seeing a bunch of posts about quitting social media. The concept of logging off for good was a pipe dream for most during the lockdown, as social media was one of the only channels people could use to stay connected. Judging by the content of people’s posts, however, social media...

Apple Event Spring Loaded 2021

What to Expect: Apple’s 4/20 “Spring Loaded” Event

Earlier this week, Apple announced a virtual product event planned for April 20th. All jokes about "420" aside, the event should be rather mellow and low-key. Looking into my tie-dyed crystal ball, here's what I think we'll see at the...

Camping Apps

2021 Camping Plans? Here Are Eight Must-Have Apps

The pandemic put a damper on a lot of vacation plans. For me and my wife, it was an opportunity to put a halt to expensive foreign travel and see more of our country. We bought a small travel trailer...

macOS 11 Big Sur Desktop on a MacBook Pro

The 5 Biggest Changes in macOS Big Sur You Should Know

Big Sur marked Apple’s move to macOS 11 from the venerable macOS 10 (or OS X as it was known for many years). It’s a huge move, a big redesign, and a paradigm shift that is accompanied by Apple using...

Running a DOS game on an iPhone

DOS on iPhone or iPad? Yep!

Long-time readers of The Rocket Yard know that I have a thing about vintage technology. My love of all things retro got the attention of another fan of ancient tech history, Niles Mitchell. Mitchell goes well beyond my simple experiments...

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