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Hands On: Parallels Desktop 12 and Parallels Toolbox

Each August, the Mac community is treated to the latest version of Parallels Desktop. This application, which is celebrating its tenth birthday this year, provides a way for Mac users to run Microsoft Windows -- and a lot of other...

Rocket Yard Guide: How to Revert from iOS 10 Back to iOS 9

While we’ve been primarily focused on how to install the macOS Sierra public beta and how to make an install USB drive for macOS Sierra, we’re sure that some Rocket Yard readers have also installed the iOS 10 beta on...

Get the New iOS 10 and macOS Wallpapers Right Now

The cover was taken off of iOS 10 and the freshly named macOS Sierra at WWDC this month, with the usual performance and aesthetic improvements. One of the minor updates many Apple fans look forward to is the new default...

Tech 101: Explaining the New Apple File System (APFS)

 iOS 10.3 Update with APFS Now Available to public Without a file system, your Mac, iPhone, iPad or even your Apple Watch would not work. A file system is used by an operating system like macOS and iOS to read from...

Adventures in creating an OctoCore Mac Pro – Part 2

Here's Part 2 of Dr. Robert Bruce Campbell's explanation of how he built his water-cooled, Octo-Core MacPro 1,1. If you haven't already (or if you just want a refresher) we suggest reading the first part for a little background. Considerations...

We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges!

Mac users have forever scoffed at the idea of installing anti-virus software on their Macs. After all, in all the years that Mac OS X has been out on the wild (ten years and counting) there has not been one credible Mac virus that caused any sort of damage

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