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Tech 101: Preparing a Mac For a New Owner

There comes a time in the life of just about every Mac where its usefulness has become limited or it will be too expensive to repair or update, so you decide it's time to sell it or give it away....

A RAM Install on a 27-inch iMac through the "back door"

Tech 101: Order the Right Amount of Memory for Your New Mac

A RAM Install on a 27-inch iMac through the "back door" Now that the new iMac Pro is available, you might be thinking about getting one to speed through video editing and rendering…or just to gain bragging rights. There was...

Tech 101: Automating Your Mac Mail Workflow With Rules

The Rocket Yard recently featured a pair of posts (here and here) discussing how to use Smart Mailboxes to organize emails into custom views. But did you know that Apple Mail on Mac has a much more powerful tool built...

Tech 101: Automate Emails with Smart Mailboxes for Mac

Last week we published a set of tips dealing with Apple Mail, deleting and archiving messages, and creating custom folders in which to store specific types of emails for organizational purposes. Today we're going to talk about how to automate...

Tech 101: How to Troubleshoot a Slow Mac

New Macs are a joy to work with, since everything seems so speedy! Give that new computer a year or two and you'll most likely experience the opposite of joy as you wait for websites to open, watch the famous...

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