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Mac startup chime sound notes chords on staff

Bring Back the Mac Startup Chime With This Terminal Command

Recent Macs have been missing something that has been part of the Macintosh experience since 1984 -- the startup chime. For example, the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro is silent during startup, along with other new Mac models. Fortunately, a few Twitter users showed that a simple Terminal command can bring back the chime.

macOS bash to zsh shell change

Moving From Bash to Zsh: Terminal Changes in macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina has a number of new features and capabilities, but one change that’s often overlooked is the new shell used in Terminal to interact with the Mac via the command line. The quick take away is Apple is moving from the Bash (Bourne Again Shell) to a newer Zsh. In this Rocket Yard guide we’ll look at how this change to Terminal and the command line affects you.

Want Simple Security? Hide ‘Secret’ Files with Terminal

Your Mac is full of secrets; special files and folders hidden away so you don't accidentally make changes to critical system components. But Apple isn’t the only one that hides items on your Mac; some developers use similar tricks to...

How to Test 64-Bit Only Mode on macOS with Terminal

Since the 2017 Apple World Wide Developers Conference, it's been well-known that Apple will require all developers to submit only 64-bit apps to the Mac App Store. Starting on June 4, 2018, all Mac apps and updates to existing apps must...

The "Recent Applications" stack viewed as a grid

Terminal Tricks: Mastering the Iconic macOS Dock, Part 3

(The macOS Dock) Over the past week, we've been showing you how to customize the macOS Dock. In the first part of this series, we took you through the many settings available in the System Preferences Dock pane. Earlier this week...

Tech 101: Introduction to the Mac’s Terminal App, Part One

Terminal may be one of the least used but most powerful apps included with a Mac. At first glance, Terminal seems to be the antithesis of the Mac's friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface), presenting instead a simple command line interface...

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