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Tag Archives: Dictation

Make Your iPhone Keyboard Work for You

The iPhone is a surprisingly versatile device thanks to apps, and the one primary method of inputting data is still the virtual keyboard. While typing by tapping on a screen was a novelty in 2007 when the iPhone first appeared, it's now the default input method for the majority of smartphones. Today we'll look at some tips that make typing on the iPhone easier.

Image of QuickPath typing in iOS 13

How to Use the QuickPath Keyboard in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

While it hasn't been widely advertised, Apple added a handy feature to iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 that can speed up typing on either device. QuickPath is a "swipe to type" method of entering text on the on-screen keyboard, and...

Voice Control Comes to macOS Catalina

Voice Control, a new feature coming to the macOS in the fall of 2019, will allow you to control your device with spoken words. Improved versions for iOS and iPadOS will be released around the same time. While it's true...

Mac Dictation

How to use the Dictation features on your Mac

Remember MacSpeech Dictate and Dragon Dictate? Once they were the methods you had to use for dictation on your Mac. Now it’s something you can do with an Apple desktop or laptop right out of the box. But first a...

Tech Tips: More Ways to Use Siri in macOS Sierra

Do you use Siri on macOS Sierra? An unofficial poll I recently made shows that a much lower percentage of macOS users use Siri than do iOS users. There's a good reason for that; most Mac users are used to typing...

Happy BTTF Day!

Quick Tip: Start OS X Dictation With A Voice Command

Happy Back to the Future Day, Rocket Yard readers! While you may not have your hovercar or dehydrated pizza yet, you do have the power to use dictation to type on your Mac. This isn't anything new -- it's been...

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