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Tech Tip: How To Check The Speed Of Your Wi-Fi Connection

More people than ever are using streaming video as a way to keep themselves entertained or even bypass expensive cable TV accounts. To get the best possible streaming experience, a fast Wi-Fi connection is imperative. Today the Rocket Yard looks...

The new Apple TV and ONE BIG question remains

Will AirPlay be a service that other iOS apps can take advantage of, or is it reserved for Apple's own apps? If indeed, as some have speculated, AirPlay will be available to third-party developers, would it be logical to assume that apps could transform the Apple TV into something much greater than we saw on stage at this Apple event?

$99 SSD! – OWC Radio #38

A Mercury Extreme Pro SSD for only $99?!! Tim can't believe it, and kicks the show off with this incredible news. Is the tech press covering the Droid II antenna issues as fairly as they did the iPhone 4? Are...

Magic Trackpad, Apps & iMac Upgrades – OWC Radio #37

Host Tim Robertson received his Magic Trackpad this week! Also, ten iPad apps are discussed, and we would love to hear what iPad (or iPhone) apps we should know about. Send in your suggestions. Did you know that you can...