Tia Nolan – Advice for YOU from the Editor of Dr Strange in the Multiverse and Thunderforce

Yes, It’s a jungle out there, but Cirina Catania’s conversation with Tia Nolan, editor of major hits such as Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Thunder Force gives us some very candid advice about how to build a story with examples from her films. And for those of you who are thinking you might want to become an editor or are looking to get ahead in your career, she’s also got some great advice for YOU. 

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This episode was edited on Final Cut, and written with help from Lumberjack System’s Builder with music “Roar” courtesy of George Gousis. Ted Limpert voices the OWC RADiO Intro and we are grateful to everyone on our team and the folks at OWC who make this show possible.

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ABOUT CIRINA CATANIA: Cirina Catania, is a successful filmmaker, former Sr Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at MGM-UA and United Artists and one of the co-founders and former director of the Sundance Film Festival. She is the founder, CEO and Executive Director of the non-profit, High School Media Collective. Cirina is Founder/Lead Creative at the Catania Group est. circa 1989, Showrunner and Host of OWC RADiO and partner, Lumberjack System, as well as Tech Ambassador for companies such as Blackmagic Design. 

Instagram:  CirinaCatania – LinkedIn:  LinkedIn.com/in/cirinacatania

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