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GateKeeper is like a guardian for your Mac. It has the authority to allow or deny applications from being installed and run. The goal is to keep your Mac free of unknown and potentially malicious software.

There are three settings for GateKeeper to allow applications downloaded from:
  • Mac App Store
    • Allows installation of applications only from the Mac App Store
  • Mac App Store and identified developers
    • Allows installation of applications from the Mac App Store and developers that have valid Developer IDs
    • This is the default setting. It provides the most flexibility
  • Anywhere
    • Allows any application from anywhere to be installed. This is the most dangerous setting, as it does not offer any protection.
To see the current GateKeeper settings and make adjustments:
  • Click on the Apple menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • Click on System Preferences
  • Click on Security & Privacy
  • GateKeeper is located in the General tab

Here is GateKeeper in action when opening a program that is not from the Mac App Store and is not from an identified developer:

If you know where the application is from and are certain the application is not malicious, you can right-click, two-finger click, or control-click on the application and select "Open" to allow the program to run. You only need to do this the very first time the application is run; GateKeeper will remember that you OK'd it being opened.

OWC Security Note:
We recommend never turning off Gatekeeper. The simple right-click feature fixes the issue on a program-by-program basis while keeping Gatekeeper on.