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Mac OS X Mountian Lion has features borrowed from iOS:

Notes is like Stickies with major improvements. You can use it to keep track of projects, random ideas, ... You can keep them all in the main Notes window or you can break them out into individual windows and keep them active on your screen.

Notes can include text, web links, pictures, attachments, and even folders. You can store everything related to a project or idea inside Notes. Notes is searchable so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Main Notes window

Notes Window
A single note in its own window

Notes Full Screen Mode
Notes in beautiful Full Screen mode

Reminders is where you can organize your life on your Mac. You can create and update as many to-do lists as you need. You can set due dates using the built-in calendar and Reminders will alert you when deadlines are near. You can even set a specific location for a task and your iPhone or iPad will remind you when you’re there. Mark tasks or items as complete while you are out to keep track of everything.


Notification Center
The Notification Center keeps you up-to-date on emails, messages, meetings, and more. It is located on the right-hand edge of your main desktop window. There are a few types of notification: Banner, Alert,

Here is a blank Notification Center

Notification Center Blank

The default settings include a "Banner" notification for Game Center, Mail, Messages, and Safari.
Banner Notification

The default settings for Calendar and Reminders include an "Alert" notification.
Alert Notification

Here is what the Notification Center looks like when there are multiple notifications from various programs.
Multiple Notifications

To see the current Notification settings or make changes:
  • Click on the Apple menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • Click on "System Preferences"
  • Click on "Notifications"

Game Center
Game Center is the beginning of social gaming on your Mac. Your Account is your Apple ID. Your Friends are initially from your Contacts. More Friends can be added by recommendations of current Friends. Points keeps track of all of your gaming scores. Only time will tell how the Game Center will expand the gaming experience in the Mac.
Game Center