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time machine

Time Machine

Time Machine may look the same as it did before but it has a new feature that is fantastic. In Mac OS X Mountain Lion you are able to set-up multiple Time Machine backup destinations. Time Machine will rotate the backup destinations to ensure that each backup destination is used regularly.

Here is an example scenario where this would be very handy:

Lets say you have a MacBook Pro as your main workstation. You have a desktop-sized Time Machine destination, such as the NewerTech Guardian Maximus, on your desk at work. You work from home often but the Guardian Maximus stays on your desk at work. Each night you are playing a game of chance with your data since your only backup device is at work.

You could ensure your data backup sanity by using a portable drive, such as the OWC Elite Pro mini, at home or on business trips. Time Machine will automatically backup to the Guardian Maximus at work and the Elite Pro mini at home or on the road.

Time Machine