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Mail & Safari

El Capitan Mail & Safari
Several usability enhancements have been added to the Mail and Safari® applications in El Capitan. The most notable changes to Mail are improved full screen support, which allows you to work on multiple email threads using Safari-like tabs that are docked to the bottom of the window, and the addition of familiar iOS gestures, such as swiping left to delete a message, and swiping right to mark it as read. Perhaps the most useful new feature is that Mail can now intelligently recognize when there is a potential new contact or event in the contents of an email. Once detected buttons will be displayed above the body of the email, allowing users to quickly add a new event to the OS X Calendar or a new contact to your Address Book. Mail now benefits from Spotlight's advanced natural language querying capabilities, as well.

The changes to Safari are more subtle but still useful. Users now have the ability to create "Pinned Tabs" for sites that you access on a daily basis. These get docked on the left side of the Tabs bar, and use the site's icon instead of text, saving space on the Favorites bar and making a quick scan of available sites more intuitive. You can also mute the audio in some or all tabs that have audio playing.

El Capitan Mail
The latest version of Safari allows you to "pin" your favorite web sites in the browser tap area. Enlarge
El Capitan iPins
Safari in El Capitan also allows you to mute audio that is playing in one or more tabs. Enlarge
El Capitan iMute
Mail in El Capitan makes it easier to create contacts and events directly from your emails. Enlarge

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