Building on the improvements made to Spotlight in OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Spotlight in El Capitan offers a couple of notable improvements, including the ability to move the results window around on the screen and pull live information from the web and preview that information. Whether you're searching a local drive or the internet, Spotlight is a powerful but simple way to find what you need quickly. Though not new in El Capitan, it's worth noting that you can even use the search field as a calculator for simple mathematical operations (i.e. no support for variables or advanced functions). Just type in the math and Spotlight will automatically generate a result.

El Capitan Spotlight
Spotlight in El Capitan can now pull in live weather and sports results from the web (among others). Enlarge
El Capitan Spotlight
The Spotlight window (which can now be moved around the screen) works well with sites like Wikipedia. Enlarge

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