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Now drop up to 2.0TB of Storage Into Your MacBook or MacBook Pro!

Even with all the exciting news around the OWC offices—price drops, the final space shuttle launch, and other such fun news items—we just couldn’t keep this under our hat.

Other World Computing is happy to announce that with the arrival of the 1.0TB Samsung Spinpoint M8 2.5” Hard Drive, we’ve got our first 9.5mm one terabyte notebook drives now in stock!

Until now, the only 1.0TB notebook hard drives available were 12.5mm high. That meant that only MacBooks and MacBook Pros with the “Unibody” design and 17” pre-Unibody models could have a 1.0TB drive installed, and it would have to be installed in the main drive bay. 13” an 15” MacBook Pro users would just have to settle for 750GB drives.

With the release of these thinner drives, a full terabyte of storage is now available to all MacBooks and MacBook Pros going back to 2006 when they were first introduced!

“But, wait,” I can hear you say, “the headline said we could install two terabytes!”

Indeed it did! If you have one of the the aforementioned Unibody models (the body style introduced with the Late 2008 MacBooks and MacBook Pros), you have a SATA optical drive, which means you can install an OWC Data Doubler to hold a second hard drive in its place.

As the drive bay itself is only thick enough for a 9.5mm drive, any drive installed in the Data Doubler had to be limited to 9.5mm…which until now capped max capacity of drives at 750GB. With these new, thinner drives, you now can have a 1.0TB drive in your main drive bay and a 1.0TB drive in the Data Doubler equipped optical bay, giving you a grand total of 2.0TB of internal storage space.

This new Samsung Spinpoint M8 drive opens up many new possibilities for your MacBook or MacBook Pro. That’s why OWC has a number of DIY kits to help you max out your computer with all the tools and parts you need!


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