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OWC Data Doubler “DIY Kit” Enables Adding Up To 2.0TB Internal Storage Capacity To MacBook And MacBook Pro Computers

Other World Computing announced today the OWC Data Doubler 1.0TB DIY Kit for adding up to 2.0TB of internal storage capacity to “Unibody” MacBook and MacBook Pro computers.

The  OWC Data Doubler 1.0TB DIY Kit is available for immediate ordering and comes complete with the Data Doubler optical bay converter bracket, a Samsung Spinpoint M8 1.0TB 9.5mm hard drive, a detailed step-by-step Mac notebook model specific installation guide, a five piece toolkit, free online ‘How To’ installation videos, and is fully compatible with the following Macintosh notebook computers:

  • MacBook 13″ “Late 2008” ‘Unibody’ and later models (All)
  • MacBook 13″ “Late 2009” ‘White Unibody’ and later models (All)
  • MacBook Pro 13″ “Mid 2009” ‘Unibody’ and later models (All)
  • MacBook Pro 15″ “Late 2008” ‘Unibody’ and later models (All)
  • MacBook Pro 17″ “Early 2009” ‘Unibody’ and later models (All)

Offers Custom Drive Configuration

The custom engineered, blue anodized aluminum OWC Data Doubler gives “Unibody” MacBook and MacBook Pro owners the flexibility to uniquely configure their computer’s internal drive array. Any SATA 2.5″ hard drive or SSD of up to 9.5mm (Super Slim) height can be mounted onto the bracket with the entire assembly then user installable in a “Unibody” MacBook or MacBook Pro optical drive bay. 9.5mm SATA 2.5″ hard drives are fully “Plug and Play” recognized via the Apple Disk Utility program with standard configuration options just like any typical drive including, but not limited to:

  • Creating an individual volume with its own desktop icon.
  • Combining a new drive with the existing internal drive for one larger volume (SPAN).
  • Combining a new matching drive with existing internal for high-performance RAID-0 Stripe volume.
  • Configuring a new drive as a Time Machine backup drive.
  • Formatting one drive for the Mac OS and the other dedicated for Windows.

SuperSlim Enclosure Converts Optical Drive Into External Solution

Consumers purchasing the new OWC Data Doubler 1.0TB DIY Kit can receive an instant $10.99 OWC rebate when also ordering the OWC SuperSlim. This lightweight, USB 2.0 bus powered enclosure is the ideal solution for “Unibody” MacBook and MacBook Pro owners installing any OWC Data Doubler DIY Kit. Now while enjoying up to an additional 1.0TB capacity in the optical drive bay, users can install the replaced Apple SuperDrive into the OWC SuperSlim to create an external Plug and Play CD and DVD burning/playing solution.

New Drive Footprint Adds Over 7X More Capacity

Until now, the only 1.0TB notebook hard drives available were 12.5mm high. That meant only “Unibody” MacBooks and MacBook Pros and 17″ pre-“Unibody” models could utilize the largest capacity offered in 2.5″ drives and only in the main drive bay. With the arrival of the thinner Samsung 9.5mm drive at OWC, a full terabyte of storage – up to over 7X more capacity than originally factory offered – can now be installed in the main drive bay of any MacBook and MacBook Pro introduced since 2006.

This new, smaller footprint drive provides incredible upgrade options for every MacBook and MacBook Pro owner,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “With our value priced DIY kit, ‘Unibody’ owners can have a previously unimagined 2.0TB of internal storage that installs with Plug and Play ease thanks to the included toolkit and ‘how to’ videos. And now even the earliest pre-‘Unibody’ model owners can expand from the factory maximum 120GB drive with up to 7X more capacity thanks to this 1.0TB drive.

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  • OK, OPTICAL DRIVE uninstall, following … install a SATA III SSD.

    then … in data (read and write) can be obtained with this installation.


  • I’m just about to buy a MacBook Pro.
    My thought was this, replace internal HD with 480GB SSD from you guys. Can I split this into three partitions; 10.6.x, 10.7.x & Win 7?
    I would then replace DVD with 1TB drive as above for data storage.
    Does that make sense?

    • Yes, the compatibility list in the post includes the MacBook Pro 2010 models.

  • Ok, I never write reviews. I’ve been in the computer business for 30 years and have dealt with a lot of companies over this time period. I’ve bought different products from OWC and couldn’t ask for better transactions. Not only are the prices better than most, everything I’ve order has been shipped within hours and with no surprises. But this Data Doubler takes the cake. Just bought one for my new MacBook Pro. Most times when you buy a in-house item the thing isn’t as advertised…cheap, doesn’t work, or screw holes won’t line up. Not with OWC. Everything worked perfect and they have the foresight to have step by step video instruction on their site. Gotta say guys, great product and I’ll be back.

    • Wow Tom…that was very kind of you to take the time to compliment us. Our real reward in running OWC is creating products like this and then supporting them with unmatched service and assistance. Then to get praised by a user/customer…man, that just makes our day. Thanks!