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Everything except a cold beer…

We here at OWC strive to make your experience with us the best it can be.

You’ve probably heard us say that – in one way or another – thousands of times. That doesn’t make it any less true. Sometimes, though, it’s better to hear it from the other end of the chain – to hear comments from the people who buy and use our products.

We’ve collected a number of great comments from our customers over the years, from magazines, to blog or web forum comments, to feedback left on our site. Today, we’d like to share some of our favorites with you, not to “toot our own horn,” but to validate our commitment to making the “OWC Experience” as good as it can be.

  • “I just know I trusted every order, made the upgrades and every one of them worked the first time, every time. Never cussed you once. “- Tom Keith, Ponca City, OK .
  • “Thanks for the thorough video from start to finish this is the best out there. I followed the directions to a t and was disassembled, installed and running in 5 minutes.” – “wahoodanb” via our YouTube channel
  • “In the six years I’ve dealt with OWC, I’ve never had an issue with them … … you can be very sure everything you’d ever get from them will be fine.” – Dave Perez, MacDave Macintosh Services & Consulting, Berkely, CA
  • “You guys operate just like a Mac, always reliable and friendly.” – Mike Ring, Allentown, PA
  • “Your prices, shipping are excellent, but your instructional video is OUT f*ing STANDING!! As an illustrator and former Creative Director , I know the value of clear, concise instructions. Well done!” – Clarke Barr,  Danbury, CT
  • “I’m a pastor, not a tech guy. You guys make it easy to upgrade with your great support!” – Pastor Ron Heffield,  Orlando, FL
  • “I’ve purchased two hard drive enclosures (one new and one used), three hard drives, and memory for both my MacBook and my aluminum iMac.  The products have always arrived quickly with no other problems. The installation videos that OWC provides are a godsend when confronting upgrading for the first time. For my mac computer needs… OWC is who I turn to first!!” – Sam Powell, via our Facebook page.
  • “Absolutely excellent ease of use on the site and speed of service and delivery.  Between the incredibly fast delivery of my order and the great guide videos on the site I was able to upgrade my Mac mini within 2 business days of my original order.  Unheard of and unparalleled. You guys rock!” – Alain O’Dea, St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
  • “I’ve dealt with OWC for years and never had a problem. Great company!” – Terry White, via his Tech Blog
  • “After a $400 quote from a walk-in store to change out a superdrive, I did it myself, thanks to your great ‘How To’ videos! It  only took me 12 minutes — you saved my Mac!”  – Joy Anderson ,  Wisconsin Rapids, WI
  • “with your video, the only way to fail is by not watching it…” – “docmurdock” via Twitter
  • “Just outstanding, folks. I buy all my Mac upgrades from you and have referred others. I just received and installed 8 GB of RAM and a Raptor drive for my new (used) Mac Pro and couldn’t be more pleased with your speed, the quality of your product and the great tech videos you provide. You’re the best in the business. Thanks! “ – Mark Cleveland, Albuquerque, NM
  • “You want the best computer, you buy a Mac. You want the best stuff to go into that Mac – you go to OWC. Thanks for the great service…your guys did everything except bring me a cold beer!”  – Jeff Hargiss, Waterloo, IL
  • “your external hard drives are the [expletive deleted]! toshiba, western digital and all them are @$$fingers next to you! high5! thanks for maakign[sic] great products!” – name withheld by request
  • “OWC rocks! It’s Mac users paradise, in products and prices.  – Javier Pinzon,  Bethany, CT
  • “I’m almost speechless at my memory upgrade performance. The online video made the install a breeze, this is coming from a plumber who has never tried anything like this before. Keep up the great work. “ – Peter Murphy,  Belmont, MA
  • “OWC put the ‘Y’ in ‘DIY’ for me!” – Michael Dubrule, Michael Dubrule Photography , Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • “Just received my Newer Tech Universal Drive Adapter , and was able to retrieve the data off an old hard drive, pulled from a notebook computer we ran over with a truck back in 2005. Thanks for such a killer product.” –   Michael Dunlop, Pine Grove, CA
  • “In these difficult economic times, quality and value are more important than ever . Superior performance, great price, and excellent support, all at affordable price points — good job OWC!!!”  –  Louis Vozza, Staten Island, NY
  • “Thanks to this great video, I managed to replace my drive without any hassle” – ‘shenanigang’ via our YouTube channel
  • “Hey.. i’ve never -not- loved you guys.. :)” – “LayersTV_RC” via Twitter
  • “That OWC Chris S. is such an amazingly cool guy – someone should buy him a MacBook Pro.” – anonymous.

Okay… I made that last one up just to see if you were paying attention.

The rest, though, are all true customer testimonials. In fact, those are just the tip of the iceberg.

We value all feedback on your OWC Experience, whether its here on the Blog, on our YouTube and Facebook pages, via Twitter, or through our Web site, It lets us know how we’re doing in our mission to make upgrading your computer the best experience it can be.

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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