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MacBook Pro 2012 Unboxing

[nggallery id=31]

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  • Good day:

    It looks like these models have the same fans as previous models. I may be wrong, can you confirm that these non-Retina Macs have the same fans? I know the 2012 MacBook Air fan has had some tweaking, what about these? I hope my eyes deceive me, but it doesn’t look like they are.

    Thanks for your time OWC.

    • Yes, the new models have the same fan as previous. The staggered blade fan can be found only in the MacBook Airs and MacBook Pro with Retina display.

      • Thanks Michael, now here’s kind of a crazy question. Do the Retina fans have the same fitiment as the Non-retina MBPs? It would ben interesting to see if a person could swap out their traditional fans for the newly designed fan.

        This is all theoretical of course, as I know the new fans probably run at different voltages and all the sensors wouldn’t matchup. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I really appreciate it. OWC ROCKS!!!

        • No, the fans are different sizes so you wouldn’t be able to swap one for the other.

  • which one is it ?
    its not retina and it has superdrive.

    which ssd is compatible with the retina macbook ?
    i do have 6g mercury pro, i guess it won’t work, right?

    • These are the non-Retina display units. Our MacBook Pro with Retina display is due in today. We’ll know more once it arrives and will have unboxing photos for everyone’s perusal while the OWC Lab testing is underway.

  • Hi,

    thanks for the pictures.

    I see on the last one that it should memory modules, no ?

    Does it means that the new MacBook Pro will be upgradable for the RAM ? And could have 16 GB of RAM ?

    • Those are indeed memory modules – keep in mind this is not the retina display model, that one should arrive later today.

      In the meantime these are being tested and we will be reporting back soon as to all our upgrade options.

  • Hi OWC,

    So what’s the deal? Is the MBP Retina upgradable for RAM and SSD? You sister site says the RAM is soldered.


    • Hi Dan:

      We don’t have the Retina Display in yet, so can’t confirm 100% on the RAM and SSD not being upgradeable. Certainly appears that way from images we’ve seen. Also, OWC and are separate entities, no related ownership in any way…we just happen to dig each other’s work and expertise. I’d call it professional respect.

    • Soldered … omg… i am buying every year more ram and i have already 16gb …
      and i use it all, but next year or two i´d like to have 32gb, i am sorry, i won’t buy the new retina if its soldered.

      but how much is working on early 2011 17 inch ?

      and are there any upgrades for Fans like in new MacBooks, i don’t the noisy fans

  • Surely you jest? That’s not the new macbook pro that was announced today. What is the point of showing an unboxing of the 13?