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Mac & PC Sales Numbers Closest in Over a Decade

It’s always kind of been a given that Windows more or less dominates the marketplace. Traditionally that’s been driven by lower-priced hardware and a desire of users to match what they used at work. During the Mac’s first year of sales, the IBM PC outsold Macs by a ratio of about six PCs for each Mac. After clones were introduced, that ratio increased dramatically.

The folks over at the market research site, Asymco, have compiled sales numbers since 1984 and have found that after peaking at a ratio of 56:1 in 2004, Mac sales have taken a larger and larger share of new computer purchases. Right now PCs only outsell at about 20:1, which is less than half the rate it was 8 years ago and the lowest it’s been since Windows 95 was released.

If you take all Apple’s offerings – Macs, the iPhone and the iPad – together, that ratio plummets even further: closer to 2:1!

Of course, debates abound whether adding iOS to OS X is fair; though there is some overlap in function (web browsing, email, etc.), the two operating systems serve two distinct functions: “desktop” and “mobile.” In that vein, iOS should be compared to Android and/or Windows Phone – where it’s just about an even heat between iOS and Android.

However you want to look at it though, it’s clear that Mac ownership is on its way up. With a 25% worldwide user base and the “halo effect” of the iPad and iPhone, it only looks to get better

OWC Chris S.
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  • One other thing to add:
    When adding iPads into th elist of computers, and an iPad is very much like a computer…. Apple is the #1 PC shipper. Period. I really don’t subscribe to the whole Mac versus entire PC industry, but rather Apple versus, HP, Dell, etc.. as any of those vendors could shift OS at any time.

    Still very interesting that the once underdog of the industry is now the goliath.

  • Hi OWC,

    Its kinda off topic but it fits into the larger scheme of things i.e. getting more people to use macs:

    The last update from your company on Thunderbolt docks and drives was a US Summer release. Well its Summer now.

    When (roughly) do you plan on releasing a TB Dock or even a Mercury Qx2 with TB? My storage needs and I’m sure hundreds of your other customers are waiting for this. I’ve bought thousands of dollars of stuff from OWC over the years and its been great. Hope to get an update. (yes I know timelines can change). Some news will be good.


    • Hello Dan – Summer isn’t over yet. Our first Thunderbolt product(s) are still on track to be released before the end of summer with several more products slated before the end of the year. Can’t really go into too much further detail, but, rest assured, they’re coming.

  • “Of course, debates abound whether adding iOS to OS X is fair”

    More than fair.

    While people in the tech industry seem to think an iPad or iPhone is a “extra” device, for may people, it is there ONLY computer.

    I now know people who are planning to give up their laptops for iPads.