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Time to give the appropriate credit to OWC!

by Paul T. Klenk, Guest Blogger

My history with OWC’s founder, Larry O’Connor, spans two and one-half decades. My first encounter was through AOL and I was sporting the latest Apple product: an Apple llGS. This was an evolution in the Apple line where “GS” represented graphics and sound. It was truly transitional between the Apple ll and the first Mac.

Larry and I were both busy on AOL. I was one of the first online instructors, while Larry was absorbed buying and selling Apple hardware. He bought a device from me that allowed the llGS to maintain a perpetual RAM disk through an external power supply. Our dealings were always friendly, honest, and fair.

This is precisely the same philosophy Larry adhered to as he developed OWC, and he has never forgotten his fledgling roots and the diligent work necessary to start and maintain a business. Consequently, OWC has grown and developed into a thriving, successful business. Furthermore, OWC is always on the cutting edge of technology, showing a strong desire to create new products that change with the blazing changes in technology.

Personally, I have a penchant for OWC’s external hard drive enclosures. If my recollection is correct, OWC released the first Quad connection units, boasting Firewire 400, Firewire 800, USB and eSata ports. Most recently, the OWC external enclosures will take advantage of the speed offered by USB 3.0 connections. I have found these specific products to be well-engineered, sturdy, reliable and with a degree of elegant simplicity. However, it is not merely the products that have paved a path to a successful business. In fact, they are but a small part of the total package.

As we all know, there are certain retail businesses that have withstood the test of time and it is not by accident; it is truly a magic matrix. One example, is the success experienced by L.L. Bean. Yes, the company carries great products. However, the secret to its lengthy success story is a willingness to replace any item with no questions asked.

I envision OWC as a technological equivalent of the L.L. Bean philosophy in so many ways!

OWC carries great products and is constantly working to improve design and stay abreast of the the technological curve while maintaining superior quality.

OWC offers tremendous price savings on all products. I only buy RAM from OWC because of the warranty and support. For example, I received defective RAM and contacted OWC support services. First, I was provided with directions on how to test the RAM. Once the culprit was identified, it was immediately replaced with no questions asked. Sounds much like L.L. Bean does it not? In addition, the support technician was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

OWC offers a panoply of support options including online chat, instructional videos, email, and direct phone calls. Personally, I have never been disappointed.

In summary, there are certain expectations that OWC strives to fulfill with every order regardless of the cost.

  • The best product available and one that is designed for the user’s needs.
  • The best price available.
  • A multimedia approach to support services before and after purchase as previously mentioned.
  • Fast and accurate shipping.
  • A no-nonsense return policy within a very reasonable timeframe.
  • Continued development of new products consistent with technological advances.
Rocket Yard Contributor
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