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Service Never Sleeps – Part Two

One can talk about servant leadership…but as the saying goes, actions speak…and well you know the rest. And if you’re a regular reader, you likely know we’ve gone to 24/7 live support via OWC Stephen’s Service Never Sleeps post in early January.

What you might not be aware of…and may perhaps never need but always good to know…is that we have a Priority Expedited shipping option.

The link above can give you all the details…but how better to understand the simple value of this than a real life, minute by minute example?

A customer ordered a hard drive online after 10PM CT last night. The order was verified, processed, and readied for shipping at 10:38PM. The package was then couriered by unsung hero OWC Joe to Rockford Airport by 12:00 midnight where it flew air courier and delivered to Plano Texas at 9:38AM today.

Now, we don’t pry as to why someone would want a hard drive that immediately…maybe it was for some big presentation and the person needed the capacity and the drive loaded and ready to go early in the morning. Most retail outlets don’t open until 10AM…and they certainly don’t have a late night drive thru window.

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need something first thing in the morning, you can rest comfortably knowing the OWC team is willing to put off their own rest to make you sleep easier.

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