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$.59 or 200 Reasons You Should Get OWC’s Newsletter

The “world” here spins pretty fast so I learned in my earliest days to sign up for OWC Larry’s email-based newsletters and hot deals blasts. It’s a great way to get his perspective on industry developments as well as when there’s a great deal to be had on an item. Hey, I dig gadgets and deals with the best of ’em. And with an inventory of over 2,600 products, there’s likely something interesting Larry has hand selected to be featured each month. Kinda like that old TV commecial from E.F. Hutton…when Larry talks or acts, one should listen.

I look forward to this treasure hunt of fun to see what he has selected. Case in point was the deals blast sent out last night. iPod cases for as low as $.59? Hard drive enclosure kits from $19? And over 200 items still on special pricing from our appearance at Macworld Expo 2010? Man, these deals are so crazy I’m thinking OWC Tim and I are going to do some very entertaining videos for OWC TV soon. One idea would be “how much tech can $20 buy you?” and then amaze you with a pile of useful items that let you get more from your Mac or idevice.

So you don’t miss out any longer, just sign up today…it’s free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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  • I always get teased by the “hard drive reduction” notices only to find out the prices on enclosures remain the same. :-(

    Purchasing enclosures from OWC over the past 5+ years, I’ve seen the prices come down from $130+ but a nice price point would be around $50 if you can ever get them manufactured for that. (A wish, not a complaint.)

    Especially when California Fry’s sales often have bare large SATA hard drives for less than the cost of the enclosure. ;-)

    • You can have the OWC Express for $19! Or if you need FW…the On The Go at $47…now…we talkin’ 3.5″ and only OWC or NT brand? And right you are about the hard drive mechanism becoming very low cost….that’s why Voyager might make most sense for you.
      Lots of options…choices are the spice of life sometimes